2 Terrific Tools to Boost ADHD Focus

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portrait of thoughtful middle aged man outdoorsLast week, during my ADHD Success Chat, we talked about how to boost ADHD focus by increasing brain stimulation.

On the call I mentioned some of my favorite ADHD focusing tools. Audio tracks I use daily to boost focusing and help me get started on tasks or projects.

Since then I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking for more details about the focus audios.

I’m happy to share! These audio tracks are my ADHD productivity secret.

The tracks shift your brain waves. I know it sounds woo-woo, but I’ve been using brainwave audios myself for years with great results. In fact, I’m playing Brain Shift Radio right now to help me write this blog post.

There are two audios I use and recommend. I’ve tried others; these are the best I’ve found to boost ADHD focus.

Tools To Boost ADHD Focus

Immrama Institute Focus Audio

This is my old standby. For years, the minute I struggle to focus or get started on a task I turn on my Focus Audio. (I just checked my iTunes and I first downloaded it in 2009.)

It comes as either an mp3 download or CD. I prefer the gentle rain sound.

The audio has three tracks. One track increases creativity, one provides clarity while reading, one boosts focus while working.

I use the creativity when I’m writing a blog post or creating a program. I like the focus while working on or when faced with administrative, boring tasks like paying bills or planning.

Many clients have gotten this over the years. Most, who remember to use it, like it. A few say it’s distracting. Playing it on a low volume usually solves that problem.

I have it on its own playlist on my phone and in iTunes on my computer though I find it effective even without earbuds.

Brain Shift Radio

Though I discovered Brain Shift Radio only a couple of weeks ago it has quickly become my go to ADHD focus audio while I work at my desk. In fact, it was originally created for people with ADHD.

I love the variety of tracks I can pick from depending on what I need at the moment: focus, energy, meditation, sleep, brain boost, uplift.

It’s a web based application with a mobile app for the Android. They’re working on an iPhone app. When my 30-day free trial period runs out I am going to sign up for the annual subscription.

It is music you play so quietly in the background no one else would hear it. Also, no earphones are necessary. My only complaint is at first it was hard to figure out how the interface works. But I soon got the hang of it.

(Full Disclosure: if you buy through these links I get a small commission to help support the blog and web site. Please know I would NEVER recommend something to you that I didn’t fully believe in and use myself!)

Go ahead. Boost ADHD focus with my favorite ADHD focusing tools. You don’t have to struggle to get started on tasks and get stuff done.

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