ADHD Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting!

Whether you have ADHD or a loved one does, it can feel downright tiresome at times.   I’m not talking about the sleep problems (of which there are many), I mean all the effort! The racing to [...]

Effortless ADHD Travel

Living more effortless ADHD travel is a long-time goal for me. My family would tell you that the ‘old Dana’ rushed hysterically at the last minute before a trip. Frantic and overwhelmed; snapping [...]

Life-Changing ADHD Travel Lists

Does traveling with ADHD means last minute panics and “I forgots”? Then pay attention. Keep reading, and you’ll learn the ADHD travel tip that has changed my life. My ADHD [...]

Why Practical Organizing is Essential

It’s really quite simple. Practical organizing is essential. Especially if you have ADHD. If you don’t find practical ways to get organized with ADHD… … you won’t be able to stay [...]