Packing Tips ADHD Adults Must Avoid

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organizingWhile preparing this series of blog posts on traveling and Packing Tips for ADHD adults, I did lots of Internet research.

You’ll find my favorite ADHD packing tips in my blog post Favorite Packing Tips for ADHD Adults.

Living with ADHD gets easier when you focus on what NOT to do, as well. That’s why this week I’ll share three traveling packing tips ADHD adult should not do.

ADHD Packing Tip#1. Don’t Pack Your Entire Wardrobe

The hardest part of packing is being ruthless with your clothes. But it has to be done.

I love having options, but in the end I fall into a routine of wearing the same few things anyway, regardless of how many different shirts I’ve packed.

Go for tried and tested favorites (no one will ever know that you’re an outfit repeater), and don’t pack more clothes than you need.

As a general rule, if you’re packing something on the premise of “what if…” or “for this one occasion”, it doesn’t belong in your bag! Save that space in case you buy new things you love. An overstuffed suitcase is not relaxing. Keep it de-cluttered.

ADHD Packing Tip #2. Take Fewer Toys

Yes, if you have ADHD you probably get antsy when you have downtime. We do need entertainment. But, packing too many books and puzzles adds extra weight to your suitcase. Plus, disorganization and clutter.

You do want to be prepared with activities to keep you occupied. Consider other possibilities. Load up your phone or tablet with ebooks, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and music. Making sure the basics are covered, in one place, and easily accessible.

Along with keeping your luggage lighter, this helps avoid over-planning every moment of the trip. Enjoy more spontaneity and adventure. Do what feels right at the time. Using our technology allows us multiple options all in the palm of our hands.

#3. Avoid Packing Sample Toiletries

Here’s another travel packing tip if you have ADHD. When it comes to toiletries, do not pack random travel size samples you have laying around.

If you don’t like something in your everyday routine, you won’t like it when traveling. Pack the actual toiletry items like shampoo and lotion you use into small travel sizes containers.

Create a checklist of essentials. I like to go through my daily routine, create a checklist, and pack those items after final use. I tend to forget items, so I break the list down to each individual item, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hair products, razor, makeup, etc. Put this all together in a waterproof pouch.

Procrastinating and poor planning make ADHD and traveling challenging enough. That’s why I wanted to warn you about these packing tips to ignore if you have adult ADHD.

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