ADD / ADHD Money Management: Eliminate Debt and Save

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Adults with ADD /ADHD have really hard time with money management.

It’s a tangled relationship.

Impulsive shopping and spending make it much more complicated than organizing paperwork and learning to pay bills on time. Our impulsive spending also means we need to learn how to eliminate debt and create a savings plan.

Yes, money management is a thorn in the side of most ADD / ADHD adults.

If you are ready to overcome the chaos in your finances and get your money management under control, you’ll be interested in a FREE teleseminar is offering:

ADHD Money Management: How to Eliminate Debt and Save

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Instructor: Stephanie Sarkis, PhD

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The Last Word in ADD Success

Like all good spouses my husband has a favorite story.

He regaled us with it, once again, just the other night.

Scott loves to tell about the ADHD money management system I used when we got married. How soon after we got home from our honeymoon I handed him a purple shoe box stuffed full of past due bills and unfiled statements.

When you’re married to the same man for 27 years you can expect to hear the same hilarious stories repeated over and over.

It doesn’t matter that now I handle all the family finances with an iron fist. The bills are paid on time. I can produce any receipt or statement and he asks for. I have a money management system and schedule I stick with.

I still can’t live down that little purple shoe box.

It’s okay. I really like the guy. If I’m lucky I’ll be hearing about my purple shoe box ADHD money management system for the next 50 years.

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