It’s ADHD Awareness Month

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That happy time of year when every good ADHD Coach is expected to beat the drums and spread the word about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

I admit to being a cynic about ADHD Awareness Month. I’ve always been an iconoclast when it comes to things like this.

Yes, I know ADHD Awareness Month is designed to let the unaware know about ADHD. So they will realize they aren’t lazy, crazy or stupid. So they can discover why their spouse or boss is driven to distraction.

I’m not a complete deadbeat. I’m a VIP guest sharing my wisdom at the ADHD Online Expo this month.

But, I’m not lathering myself into the Awareness Month frenzy the ADHD Coaches Association encourages me to.

You see from where I sit here in the trenches of Adult ADHD, Attention Deficit isn’t something I need to be made more aware of.

In fact, as Susan, one of my ADD Success Facebook followers commented this morning, “I’m aware of my ADHD every minute of every day.”

Me, too Susan.

I’m aware of ADHD every time I talk to a client about how he struggles to stay focused and organized.

I’m aware of ADHD every time I celebrate a client’s success when she learns a small new habit that anyone else would simply take for granted. Success with ADHD is measured in very tiny steps.

I’m aware of ADHD in my own world, too. Each time I struggle to stay focused if I don’t eat just the right ADHD-friendly diet or get the right amount of sleep.

I’m aware of ADHD each time I notice that it took me months to finish a project one of my non-ADD colleagues would have crossed off her To-Do list in a matter of weeks.

ADHD Awareness Month? Sure. I’ll do my part to spread the word. In reality? Living daily surrounded by the symptoms of ADHD gives me all the awareness I need.

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