Training and Coaching to Help You
Live Easier with Adult ADHD

You know living with ADHD can be hard. Despite your best intentions, disorganization and distractions block your path. Sabotage your potential.

Perhaps it’s time for a different approach. To change the way you live with ADHD. New habits and skills focused on your priorities, your strengths, and the unique way your brain works.

for more than 20 years, expert ADHD coach Dana Rayburn has built a effective ADHD coaching program designed specifically for adults with ADHD.

If you are a business owner, professional, or other high-functioning adult, coaching with Dana can start you firmly on the path to a more successful and effortless ADHD life.

Living With Uncontrolled ADHD Can Be Hard. Luckily, ADHD Coaching Helps…

Reach Your Goals. Achieve Your Potential. Outsmart Your ADHD.

ADHD Success Coaching provides virtual, telephone coaching to help ADHD adults reduce stress and increase success at work and at home.

Specializing in boosting productivity. Proven systems help ADHD adults build smart, effective time management and organizing skills. Plus, key ADHD strategies for managing ADHD at work and at home.

Will your ADHD vanish? No. But, its power over your life will shrivel. A lot. You’ll be more focused. Get more done. Gain control and confidence. Our mission is to get your ADHD out of the way so you can shine.

What Sets ADHD Success Coaching Apart? 

  • Methods. Action-oriented. Time-tested. Comprehensive. Practical yet compassionate. Talking isn’t enough. You need to get things done!
  • Experience. My success at overcoming my ADHD and disorganization; 20 years as an ADHD coach; 8 years as a professional organizer. My extensive training in both ADHD coaching AND life coaching. Plus, my experience as a successful business owner and a corporate systems analyst with a degree in Business.
  • Coaching Options. Programs and pricing structures to meet a variety of personalities, needs, and budgets.


  • Virtual. Convenient and effective telephone coaching. Location isn’t a barrier to getting the help and support you need.

What You’ll Learn In ADHD Success Coaching

Here’s a taste of what we cover in ADHD Success Coaching. In the Success Club group program and in private coaching. At work and at home. 

ADHD Success Skills Tool Kit

  • Understand exactly what you need to do to have an ADHD-friendly life. Learn how to stop procrastinating and start doing what’s important. Develop the essential skills for staying productive and on track. Discover the most important things every ADHD adult must do to be successful.

Organized with ADHD

  • Build a proven, ADHD-friendly organizing system for both work and home. Slash shame and frustration with practical clutter clearing skills. Get organized so you easily stay organized and keep the clutter from oozing back. Be able to quickly find what you need when you need it.

Paper Mastery

  • Build practical file systems that work the way you think. Get rid of paper clutter, random notes, and confusion at work and at home. Make your desk your foundation of productivity and focus. Develop strategies for quickly handling the mail.

Get Stuff Done

  • Learn the ADHD Success Productivity System. Eliminate your chaotic, never-ending task list(s), and build a realistic schedule you can follow. Remember to do basic stuff. Focus on your priorities. Start thinking ahead so you never get caught unprepared again. Control distractions and boost motivation.

Master Your Day

  • Establish realistic routines to guide you calmly from morning to bedtime. Get to work and appointments on time. Have a productive start to your day. Build a framework for productive, yet relaxing evenings.

Focused and On Fire

  • Learn clear, natural strategies to control your ADHD symptoms – with or without ADHD medication. Improve focus and motivation. Reduce brain fog, impulsivity, and overwhelm. Balance your energy and your emotions.

Three Ways We Can Work Together

ADHD Success Club

Join a supportive community of adults determined to change how they live with ADHD at work and at home in a robust group program of live conference calls.

This unique training curriculum compresses 20 years of the best ADHD training drilled down into workable, step-by-step modules

Live weekly trainings and coaching sessions dive deep into the ADHD Success Program Modules. Personal attention, session recordings, module handouts, accountability check-ins, a membership site and secret Facebook page.

The most comprehensive, benefit-rich ADHD group training and coaching program you can find.

Two membership levels to support most budgets and time schedules.

Join anytime. No long-term commitment. Try it. It you don’t like it, stop.

Membership from $97 to $197 a month.

Success Club Plus

Boost your progress by adding one or two private coaching sessions each month to a Gold Level ADHD Success Club membership.

Benefit from the personal focus of private coaching PLUS the targeted skills training and community of the ADHD Success Club.

You’ll end each private coaching call with concrete actions steps. Texts and emails between private sessions help hold you accountable.

Progress is reinforced with training materials from the ADHD Success Club program and membership site.

Choose from either one or two, private 40-minute telephone coaching sessions a month. Pre-scheduled, private sessions are confidential and tailored to your specific needs.

Start anytime. A 4-month minimum commitment is requested. A pre-registration interview is required.

Price includes a Gold Level membership of the ADHD Success Club.

$350 or $525 a month

Private Plus Success

Private coaching for business owners and professionals with ADHD who want to improve productivity, organizing, and ADHD management skills at work and at home.

Following my exclusive ADHD Success System, you’ll end each coaching call with concrete action steps. Text messages and emails between coaching sessions calls to hold you accountable.

Progress is reinforced with training materials from the ADHD Success Club program and membership site.

Three, 40-minute telephone coaching sessions a month. Pre-scheduled, private sessions are confidential and tailored to your specific needs.

Start anytime. A 4-month minimum commitment is requested. A pre-registration interview is required.

Price includes a Gold Level membership of the ADHD Success Club.

$695 a month

FAQs About ADHD Success Coaching

Who is ADHD Success Coaching For?

  • Adults ready and able to invest time and money to learn effective ADHD-friendly brain management and productivity tools. You’ll be organized, focused, and in control of your priorities, task, and deadlines.
  • You are successful in life despite your attention and ADHD challenges in life. Deep down you know you could have more impact; more calm.
  • You can handle your emotional and therapy issues enough to be able to take action. ADHD coaching is life skills, productivity training NOT psychotherapy or counseling.
  • You are interested in learning how to have better control over your brain and focus. You do not need an ‘official’ ADHD diagnosis and you do not need to be taking ADHD medication.

What Is The Weekly Time Commitment?

  • I aim to keep the amount of homework reasonable and inline with busy schedules. Typically it’s no more than an hour of focused work spread over the week, plus the coaching call(s).

When Does The Success Club Start?

  • The Success Club runs from September through June each year. New members can and do join anytime during the year. When you join, you get immediate access to downloadable recordings of all the training calls since the beginning of the program year. We start fresh every September.

May I Read Customer Reviews Of ADHD Success Coaching?

Why Do You Require Such Long Time Commitments for Private Coaching?

  • I’m not interested in half-measures. ADHD Success Coaching is a comprehensive program designed to help you create a life of true ADHD Success. You have new habits, skills and routines to learn. Awareness to build. Brain care to master. In my experience, a shorter time frame gives clients false expectations and allows half measures. If you would like a shorter time commitment please consider my group program, The ADHD Success Club.

What are My Payment Options?

  • All payments are by credit card through my secure processing system. I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What’s My Next Step?

  • You may join the ADHD Success Club and get started living easier with ADHD immediately. Click here to join.
  • A 30-minute Get to Know You strategy session is required before starting Private Plus Success or Private Coaching. The strategy session is a brief, confidential phone conversation to answer your questions and decide if we’d like to work together. No hard sell or gimmicks. If we decide to work together, we schedule our private calls and arrange payment. Before your first session you will complete an agreement and a Private Coaching Questionnaire. Click here to request a Strategy Session.

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