ADHD and Organization

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ADHD and Organization…

Several days ago on the ADDitude magazine adult ADHD forum, a woman went on a rant about how she was sick of hearing ADHD organizing advice. She felt she doesn’t need to learn to be organized with ADHD because she would only be doing it because other people thought she should.

While she said basically that she “spends her life wanders through life in outer space all the time and can’t learn from her actions”, she closed her comment wondering the value of getting organized if you have ADHD.

I found her attitude very sad, and also rather curious. Why would a woman on the ADDitude magazine forum, a platform people use to learn to live more easily with Attention Deficit Disorder, want to rebel against the whole idea of improving her life?

Why get organized if you have ADHD?

As an ADHD Coach I spend much of my life trying to help people with Attention Deficit become organized. The reason is really quite simple:

  • Disorganization is distracting; making it more likely you’ll be pulled off track and unfocused.
  • Being able to quickly and calmly find what you need when you need it makes life easier. Eliminating “send out a search party” time gives you more time to spend doing activities you need or want to do.
  • Paying bills on time because you know where they are makes life a lot less stressful. You also save money in late fees.
  • Being able to have friends and family over without embarrassing stress and shame allows you to be calmer and improves your relationships. Life is richer.

So no, you don’t get organized for other people. You should get organized for yourself. You should get organized so you can live the life that you choose to live and have the relationships that you choose to have.

I must admit that back when I was incredibly disorganized I got organized because I saw that my marriage was not going to have a happy ending if I continued to live in clutter and chaos. It may look like I was getting organized for Favorite Husband, but really I was getting organized for me. A good marriage is one of my highest values, and I refused to see it suffer because I couldn’t figure out how to put things away and how to find things when I needed them.

Are you like the woman on the ADDitude ADHD Adults forum? Are you sick of all the articles on how people with ADHD can get organize their life successfully?

You have the right to decide how you want to live.

But I challenge you to look at your choice a bit deeper. I challenge you to realize that the value of learning to get organized with ADHD is not about other people but about you and your ability to have a more peaceful, successful life.

If you hadn’t noticed, making life easier with attention deficit is really what it’s all about here at ADD success. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance getting your disorganized, ADHD life organized.

You might also be interested in my book, Organized for Life.


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