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ADHD successAre you like the woman who emailed me yesterday? Thinking you can’t join the ADHD Success Club because you missed the start date? I need to clear this up. You can join either session of the ADHD Success Club coaching program anytime.

The Success Club is a ‘jump-in-anytime’ experience. Designed to be ADHD-friendly.

I get how ADHD works. We procrastinate and miss a deadline. Or, something else shiny distracts us. Perhaps you’re new to my work, and the bonanza of practical guidance on succeeding with ADHD I provide.

New Success Club members have access to the Orientation call and all the replays of the live training calls. I’ll also guide you on catching up with earlier modules as you need. You won’t miss one bit of training and coaching on ADHD organizing, time management, or symptoms management.

People join the PM group each week and still keep up. It doesn’t matter that we’re 36 weeks into the year-long program. After week 50, we start again at the beginning on Module 1, so you won’t miss a thing.

(This week, in Module #36, the PM group is learning how to make meditation ADHD-Friendly. The AM group is focused on Module #4 – The ABC’s of Getting Organized.)

You’ll find all the details about the ADHD Success Club, including the registration form, at this link: Of course, email me if you have any questions.

Stop sitting on the sidelines waiting to start making life easier with ADHD. I’m here for you. You can become one of the amazing people in the ADHD Success Club today. Don’t wait to start erasing your struggles ADHD.

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