ADHD Success – When Life Falls Apart

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NLOne thing is for certain in this world; life happens.

Family gets sick, the car breaks down, electronics go on the fritz, or we get snowed in.

Paying attention is even harder when crisis hits. Our task lists blossom. Living with ADHD becomes that much harder.

My life has been in turmoil the past two weeks. Our beloved dog, Carly Jean, has been very ill with a bacterial infection.

We almost lost Carly Jean last week. She lived at the vet for days on an IV. On death’s door, we made the wrenching decision last Friday to bring her home to die. We didn’t want her last memories to be of a metal cage.

An energetic force of nature, fortunately Carly is young and strong. Somehow she pulled through. She still won’t eat and though somewhat stabilized she still needs extra care and probably will for quite some time.

Besides diverting attention I would normally focus on my ADHD coaching business and clients, my family or home, Carly’s illness has zapped my energy.

I’m physically and emotionally drained. Taking care of her, supporting my family, and feeling sad and scared myself. I’ve had to juggle schedules to make sure things get done and make many extra decisions every day.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I want you to remember that sometimes life gets wild. The train jumps off the tracks and, when that happens, you have to cut yourself some slack.

It’s easy to think you can push through and shoulder all your normal responsibilities.

Sometimes you just can’t.

Sometimes you’re in emergency mode and can only focus on the most essential things. The rest simply has to be let go.

That’s why today’s ADHD Success isn’t the next in our series on ADHD scaffolding. I tried to write it but just couldn’t.

Next week’s ADHD Success may be short as well. I’m playing life by ear.

I know you’ll understand. From your emails you’ve shown me that I’m blessed with an amazing community of ADHD adults.

Thank you for being there. Hug your dog extra tight tonight if you have one.

And remember, next time your world flips upside down cut yourself some slack and focus on what’s most important. Even try to feel good about it if you can.



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