ADHD Success Coaching Program’s Modules – Private Program

Module 1

Focused and On Fire – Essential Habits & Structure To Get Things Done

When you learn how to eliminate the ADHD habits that sabotage your success while building good habits, routines, and structures to keep your crucial priorities at the front and center of your attention, you can get your work done faster and more easily reach your goals.

  • Uncover the four things you do each day that sabotage your success
  • Build your focus around your most important priorities
  • Learn to think ahead so you never get caught unprepared again
  • Create plans you will actually look at and follow

Establish realistic routines you will stick to

Module 2

Motivated and Moving Forward – Construct a Strong Foundation for ADHD Success

Learning the skills to design your business and your days to naturally pull you forward allows you to stay consistently productive and focused and make procrastination a problem of the past.

  • Learn the number one productivity mistake ADHD business owners make
  • Develop the one skill you must have to work and live successfully with ADHD
  • Build a life that inspires you, shuts down procrastination, and pulls you forward to get things done
  • Become realistic about what you can and can’t achieve
  • Learn what to focus on to build a strong business

Module 3

Productive and On Target – The ADHD-Friendly Time Management System

In Productive and On Target you learn what to do to be confident that nothing is falling through the cracks, to know what you need to do and when you need to do it and make it a whole lot less stressful to be a dependable person who meets their deadlines.

  • Set up my ClearMind ADHD Time Mastery System designed for the ADHD brain
  • Establish the 3 essential pillars of an effective task management system
  • Eliminate your chaotic, never ending task list(s)
  • Learn the one essential tool you need to stop forgetting to do basic stuff
  • Find smarter ways to use your calendar
  • Capture your good ideas without letting them distract you and pull you off task

Module 4

Energized and Alert – Sustain an Attentive, Sharp Brain All Day Long

In Energized and Alert we dig into what you need to do to feel more energetic and alert all day long, have the stamina and brain power to start tasks and get them done, know how to reduce brain fog and overwhelm and balance your energy and your ability to focus.

  • Learn the four reasons your brain fails you when you need to focus most
  • Boost your ability to get the exercise you and your brain need
  • Discover the two big mistakes you’re making that flare your ADHD symptoms
  • Attack the root of the 5 ADHD sleep challenges with the Boost Your Brain with Sleep Blueprint
  • Learn the skills to stay more focused and attentive without medication

Module 5

Organized and In Control – Creating an ADHD-Friendly Environment

Environment matters. If you have ADHD the wrong environment can make or break your ability to run a successful business. Organized and In Control focuses on the key skills you need to set up an effective office so you save hours and money every day with increased productivity and attention to detail. You’ll also gain clarity and peace with easy ways to keep your office efficient, professional, and organized.

  • Create an efficient platform to launch your projects
  • Learn the 6 Organizing Keys every business owner needs to be truly productive
  • My no-sweat way to keep your office efficient and organized
  • Make my 5-Minute Rule a measure you can’t live without

Understand the true cost of clutter and why disorganization isn’t something to laugh about

Module 6

Effective and In Charge – Solve the Delegation Dilemma To Get More Done In Less Time

It’s a fact. You can’t build a powerful business if you’re doing everything yourself. Knowing how to delegate the right stuff in the right way to the right person turbo charges your productivity and output. But delegating if you have ADHD can be tricky. You need to know how to do it right.

  • Uncover the 3 show stopping realities of ADHD delegating
  • Learn to avoid the delegation mistakes most ADHD business owners make
  • Discover my Fool-proof 9-Step Delegation System
  • Find out the real reasons your staff wastes time and what to do about it

Module 7

Solid and Sustained  – Staying On Track for the Long Haul

Learning good ideas for successfully running a business with ADHD isn’t enough. You need to put the knowledge and ideas firmly in place and have accountability so you can sustain your progress.

  • The reality of ADHD consistency and how you can buck the system
  • 3 ways to find accountability so you stay on track
  • ADHD System First Aid– Two things you must do to keep your systems workings
  • The secrets to making change last
  • Final Q & A Coaching to answer your remaining questions

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