The Biggest Mistake Adults with ADHD Make

 In ADHD Symptom Control
By: ADHD Coach Dana Rayburn

Are you making the biggest mistake adults with ADHD Make? If you feel like your ADHD symptoms are torpedoing your life, you might want to pay attention.

Key signs that you’re making this common ADHD mistake are procrastinating, avoiding tasks, and not following through on projects and commitments.

This mistake is a biggie.

Common ADHD treatments like medications, exercise, ADHD-friendly diet and sleep can make it easier to live with the mistake, but they don’t fix the source of the problem.

To truly live more effortless and successfully with ADHD you must face this mistake head on and correct it.

That’s not always easy to do, but, I promise you, the rewards are worth it.

Recently, my friend Tara McGillicuddy and I had an interesting, from-the-heart conversation about this mistake on her ADHD Support Talk Radio show.

If you want to know more, I suggest you take a few minutes and listen.

Click this link to listen to the replay of The Biggest Mistake Adults with ADHD Make.

Dana Rayburn is an ADHD Coach in Oregon, but don’t worry… She works by telephone helping ADHD adults all over the world live more effortlessly and successfully with ADHD.


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  • Crystal rose

    Hello, my husband has ADD and was diagnosed two years ago he gets to manage it with meds and I’m simply looking for a different way and more education on this. Please help me.

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Crystal. Good for you! Learning all you can about ADD is important. You’ll find lots of information about managing ADD / ADHD here on my blog. Pay particular attention to the posts about brain care – diet, sleep, exercise, hydration, Omega 3 fatty acids. I wish you and your husband all the best! Dana

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