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ADHD AwarenessDid you remember to sign up for the 8th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo? It’s The first week in October.

If you wanted to but didn’t, do it right now before you forget.

Here’s the link: ADHD Awareness Expo Sign up

Already registered? Give yourself a gold star!

I believe in the ADHD Awareness Expo. Here’s why.

When you have adult ADHD you need knowledge before you can stop struggling and make ADHD a gift. The ADHD Awareness Expo is a convenient way to build that knowledge. Plus, it’s free!

This year Tara is interviewing me about Creating Realistic Routines.  

Is your light is hidden behind a cloud of ADHD / ADD? Don’t settle. The world needs you to live to your potential.

Get this done.  

(Hey! If you’ve found this post AFTER October 7, 2017, I’m pretty sure you can still get recordings of the talks that interest you. Go ahead and click the link anyway.)

Sign up for the ADHD Awareness Expo here.


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