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ADHD Distraction, Closing the Intention Gap 2016Is your dream life buried under clutter, half-finished projects, and missed opportunities?

You’ve got clear intentions to “get that stuff done” but you find yourself getting to the end of the day and experiencing that sinking feeling – that “oh, no, not again!” feeling – when you realize that you DIDN’T get that stuff done.

If this situation hits too close to home, then you’re experiencing what my friend and colleague, Dr. Kari Miller, calls the “intention gap.”

The intention gap is that gap between what you INTEND to get done and what you ACTUALLY get done.

It’s time to end the cycle of missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams!

It’s time to learn practical, proven strategies that will give you the power to follow through on your brilliant ideas from start to finish!

Join me and other leading productivity, time management and organization experts for a FREE online event – dedicated to women!

Closing the Intention Gap!

Break Through and Get *UNSTUCK* !

You can reserve your space here!

At this event you’ll receive short, quick, powerful tips that you can use to close the intention gap.

I don’t have to tell you that improving your time and task management has a BIG payoff – more self-confidence that you can do what you intend to do and greater peace of mind because you know you’re going to achieve in ways that are personally meaningful to you! 

When you join us for this free online training, you’ll receive strategies you can put into place immediately in all these areas:

Follow-through: Methods for consistently following through on your wonderful intentions!

Prioritization and Planning: Strategies for making decisions, planning projects, and sequencing tasks.

Procrastination: Proven approaches to push past stuck points so you can get started on a task when the time has come!

Organization: Tactics to help you get control of the clutter so you can have an organized home and an orderly work space!

Reducing distractions: Methods to stay focused, on target and productive when you want to – and NEED to!

Perfectionism: Strategies for curbing the tendency to set unrealistically high standards and judge your performance too harshly.

If you’ve tried many time management and organizational systems but just aren’t seeing the results you hope for – and deserve – this event is just what you’ve been searching for!

Make sure you sign up for this free online event so you can hear from leading productivity, time management and organization experts how to break through, close the intention gap, unlock your potential and get stuff done!

Join me and start Closing the Intention Gap!

The expert interviews are recorded so you can listen for a full 48 hours!

To Your ADHD Success,

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