Yes, You CAN Conquer Your Clutter!

Even if You Have ADHD or ADD!

Clutter is a plague. Especially if you have ADHD. Out of control clutter is frustrating, embarrassing, and sometimes even debilitating.

Clutter doesn’t just nibble at your soul; it eats at it. Sucking away any hope of living a peaceful, happy life. ADHD distractions and procrastination sure don’t help.


For years I was ashamed of my clutter

I lived in fear that the doorbell would ring. It didn’t matter who it was. A neighbor. A friend. UPS. Hearing the doorbell meant my messy little secret might be exposed.

You know what was even worse than my doorbell terror? How I felt about myself.

Shame, disgust. Trapped. Hopeless. Pick any painful description, and that’s how I felt about me. How could I live to my potential and build a happy, confident life if every area of my personal space reflected my failures and flaws back at me?


Fortunately, I mastered the skill of decluttering

My life and my future drastically improved. Yes, it took time, effort and awareness, but

I have never regretted one moment. The improvements have rippled through my life in ways you can’t imagine. Peace, happiness, time, money, confidence.

I decided to learn to live clutter-free out of desperation. I had no idea smashing clutter would be one of the best gifts I could give myself and my family.

We can have people over. We can relax at home. We can answer the doorbell. All without stressing about clutter.

Our home isn’t always tidy and clean. We do live here. But, when it gets out of control, we can straighten it up in a flash. A few minutes of zipping about and the clutter is gone. All is tidy again.


This is what I want for you. I’m tired of seeing people struggle if they don’t have to.


I’m on a mission to change your relationship with clutter. Forever.

So you know how to…

  • Throw out stuff
  • Keep stuff from oozing back into your world
  • Decide what to keep and what to get rid of
  • Get a handle on the clutter you have a hard time getting rid of
  • Easily get rid of the stuff you’re not keeping


Sound Good? Clutter Free with ADHDThe Truth About Clearing Clutter

Clutter clearing can be hard to do. Emotions are involved.

Perfectionism. Bad habits.

Procrastination joins the party, too.

Show stoppers for lots of folks. Especially if you have ADHD.

But, here’s why I’m so excited about this new program.

I’ve discovered that clutter clearing is a skill you can learn. And, when you add awareness, understanding, and practice you can learn to live clutter-free.

That’s what it’s all about. Those are the ingredients I’ve mixed into this exciting new program.


Announcing Clutter-Free with ADHD

A 10-week live, group training and coaching program designed to rid your world of clutter. You will learn the skills of how to clear clutter with ADHD.

In Clutter-Free with ADHD you will learn:

  • My Simple 4-Step Clutter Clearing System
  • The Key to Zapping Clutter
  • The 3 Clear Questions to Eliminate Paper Clutter
  • How to decide if you should keep something or get rid of it
  • All about your Clutter Type and how to work with it
  • The 3 habits for staying clutter-free
  • How to build your clutter clearing muscle so it gets stronger every day
  • What to do if you just can’t seem to get rid of something
  • How to stop feeding the clutter monster
  • Simple strategies for cracking down on other people’s clutter
  • My favorite trick for quickly clearing lots of clutter fast.  Clutter Free with ADHD


The Program

You will gain awareness and understanding of your personal clutter challenges. You will get coaching and guidance on busting through those challenges.

Build a personal plan for attacking your clutter.

Over the 10 weeks of the program, you will have plenty of support while you practice your newly learned skills and build your clutter clearing muscle.

By the end of Clutter-Free with ADHD, your home and office will be tidier, you will calmer and more peaceful. You’ll be on the way to becoming a clutter clearing expert.


The Players

I’ve carefully designed this program for adults with ADD / ADHD who are frustrated with physical and paper clutter at home and at work and are ready to learn how to get rid of it AND take action to get rid of it.

Who am I? I’m, Dana Rayburn, a leading expert and coach for ADHD adults determined to get organized, get things done, and live easier with ADHD. You can read more about me here.

My short story is, I’ve been an ADHD coach for nearly 20 years, before that I was a professional organizer, before that I was so disorganized I could barely function.

I learned how to get organized and have made it my life’s mission to help others do the same. Oh, I have ADHD, too. Inattentive type.


The Dates

This is a 10-week program starting January 16, 2018. It meets by phone, live for one hour on Tuesdays at 10 AM Pacific (11 AM Mountain, Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern).

Don’t worry if you can’t attend live. All participants will be emailed a recording of each session soon after each call. You can even take this program by only listening to the recordings and get excellent results.


The Cost

This is an amazing value. Working privately with me for 10 hours would run you close to $3000. Still, I remain determined to make my services available to more people.

Plus, I think group programs rock. There’s just something so affirming about connecting with other people with ADHD. They get you AND you realize you’re not alone.

You have two payment options:

  • One payment of $225 USD when you register, or
  • Two payments of $119. The first payment when you register and the second payment four weeks later.

Payment is by credit card only – Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


Registration Details

Registration closes January 13, 2018. However, space is limited so I recommend you register early.

It’ll be more than a year before I’ll offer Clutter-Free with ADHD again.


After You Join

After you register you will receive a welcome email and a receipt.

The day before each session you will receive a reminder email with call details and the handout for the week attached for you to print.

You join the other participants by phone or Internet at the time of each session.

Each call starts with training and leave lots of time for questions and coaching.

After each session, you will get an email with a link to the recording. It’s yours to keep. I recommend you download it to your phone or computer.


What Are You Waiting For? Clutter Free with ADHD

Dana, Why Focus Just on Clutter?

I know. You want to get organized, right? I hear you. I want you to get organized, too. There is not much more heart-warming for me to hear from former clients who say my book or program changed their life and finally got them organized.

But, I’ve learned something over the years.

Getting organized is a whole lot easier if your clutter-clearing muscle is strong. Organizing stuff you don’t want or need to keep is confusing. And, a waste of space and energy.

That’s why I’m trying something a bit different this program. We’re diving deep and narrow. Focusing only on clearing clutter, first.

Later, in the Spring, I’ll offer another program devoted to organizing what you keep.

You’ll get rid of stuff first and then you’ll be more successful at knowing what to do with it.

Pretty slick, eh?

The Clutter-Free with ADHD Curriculum

January 16 – Week 1 – Clearing Clutter Quick Start
Deepen your understanding of clutter. Plus, see immediate results while you build your clutter clearing muscle with my favorite technique for zapping obvious clutter.

January 23 –  Week 2 – Build a New Relationship with Clutter
This week you’ll learn my simple, yet essential approach to deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. You’ll understand why you haven’t been able to get rid of things before. We’ll design your personal clutter clearing plan that you’ll follow through the program.

January 30, Week 3 – Put Clutter in its Place
Now we start removing your roadblocks for getting rid of things by creating a practical plan for what to do with what you don’t want to keep. This is a key piece in making it easier to get rid of things. During the week you’ll work on your clutter clearing plan.

February 6, Week 4 – The 4 Step Clutter Clearing System
Your clutter clearing muscle is getting stronger and you’re changing your relationship with your stuff. Now, you’re primed and ready to dive into my 4 Step Clutter Clearing System. Watch your clutter melt away while your confidence builds. Yes, clearing clutter is a skill you can learn!

February 13, Week 5 – Free from Paper Clutter
This week we shine the spotlight on paper clutter. Following my step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to sort the piles and keep only the paper you need. You’ll spend time this week tackling the papers taking over your home or office.

February 20, Week 6 – Free from Sticky Stuff
Not all clutter is created equal. Some is harder to get rid of than others. You’re making great progress towards your plan. Now it’s time to take a deeper look at the challenges that may be blocking you from achieving your intentions. You’ll follow your clutter plan and practice your new skills in small steps during the week.

February 27, Week 7 – Stopping Clutter at the Source
Clutter doesn’t just magically appear in your life. To live clutter-free we need to address the habits at the source of your clutter. You’ll identify the three main habits that cause clutter to take over your life and learn what to do about them.

March 6, Module 8 – What’s Your Clutter Type?
Understanding your clutter personality is like taking steroids to build your clutter clearing muscles. This week you’ll gain clarity on why you have your clutter challenges and create strategies and awareness to change.

March 13, Week 9 – Dealing with Other People’s Stuff
Chances are the clutter isn’t all yours.This week we’ll explore how other people’s clutter impacts you, and create concrete action steps for handling other people’s clutter.

March 20, Week 10 – Living Clutter-free with ADHD
You’ve built the muscle. Now let’s keep it strong. You’re now ready to use some of my advanced clutter clearing techniques. We’ll wrap up the program by creating your personal plan to maintain a lifelong ability to live clutter-free.


How About Some Love Notes

Okay, Clutter-Free with ADHD is a new program so I don’t have any testimonials yet. But I can share notes and emails I have gotten from people who have used my other organizing books and programs…

I used to be so afraid of people dropping in. Hearing the doorbell was my greatest fear. Not anymore and we actually feel in control of things much more. So thank you for doing what you do. I’m so grateful to you. Thanks. Kate

I’m 59 now going on 20 because I’m so excited to find these tips I wish I’d had years ago. It’s really helping me get organized from an ADHD standpoint. Nan, Pennslyvania

Yours is the first book I’ve read that puts organizing in language I can understand and makes any sense. Heather, Atlanta, GA

I’ve struggled with being organized my whole life. Your book instantly helped me. It’s the first time I thought the writer understands how I think and what I need. Doug, New York

This is the easiest organizing program I’ve followed so far and two weeks into it I’m still following it. The clutter seems to be vanishing from my house. Thank you for changing my life! Carolyn, Albany, New York


You’ll Get Good Results, Too.

 Clutter Free with ADHD

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program meet? Tuesdays at 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific, (11 AM Mountain, Noon Central, 1:00 PM Easter) Starting January 16, 2018, and ending March 20, 2018.

How long is the program? It lasts for 10 weeks starting January 16, 2018. Each session lasts at least one hour. Longer if there are more questions.

What can I expect from each session? Each module combines targeted skills training with interactive Q&A and coaching. This is a deep dive into clearing clutter. My goal is for you to understand clutter and build the skills to know exactly what to do about it.

How many people will be on the calls at once? You can expect approximately 20 people on the call. My experience with group programs shows this is a perfect size for a dynamic, energized program.

Do I have to talk on the calls? No, you are welcome to listen and learn from the others on the call. I want you to be completely comfortable.

Will anyone know who I am? Your confidentiality will be protected. We use only first names. No one can see you or hear you unless you signal me that you want to ask a question or say something.

How do I join each session? You join each session by phone or computer from the convenience of your home or office. You will receive emails before each session with the access numbers and codes to easily join.

What happens if I miss a session? No worries. You will receive an email with access to a full recording of the call soon after each session ends. You will be able to download the recording to your computer or phone to listen to anytime.

How will I access the program handouts and materials? You will get an email before each call with the pdf of the program handouts. The handouts are designed for you to take notes on. You’ll get the best results if you print the handout before each session.

Are there visuals and slides online during the program? No. In my years of leading group programs, I find participants get better results and can pay better attention by listening on the phone while taking notes on the printed handouts. The visuals get distracting.

How much does Clutter-Free with ADHD cost? I’ve worked very hard to keep this affordable. You have two options to pay. One payment of $225 USD when you register or two payments of $119. The first payment when you register and the second on the 4th week of the program.

Is there a guarantee? Yes, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have joined the calls and done the work and decide this program isn’t for you, simply email me by the third week and I will refund your money. No questions asked. ‘

I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD. Can I still sign up? Yes! Whether ADHD is diagnosed or suspected you are welcome to join. Please have enough control over your symptoms that you are able to function. You don’t need to be on medication either. About half the people in the program are officially diagnosed.

Who shouldn’t join Clutter-Free with ADHD? This is a skills training program focused on clearing clutter. This is not a program for people with hoarding challenges or people who need therapy or counseling to get rid of clutter.

Can I join if I don’t have ADHD / ADD? Yes, as long as you are patient and respectful of people who tend to be scattered and unfocused. Please remember this is a safe place for people with ADD / ADHD tendencies. It is paced for people with ADD. We will look at everything through an ADHD lens. If spending an hour a week with people with ADHD taxes your patience this probably isn’t the right program for you.

Will I learn to clear clutter at work or home? Clutter is a problem for people with ADHD at both work and home. The skill you will learn can be used anywhere you have clutter. This is a program for business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and stay at home moms / dads. You’ll learn skills that apply to both work and home situations.

I have questions about the program. Who do I ask? Simply fill out the contact form you’ll find at this link. I will receive your question and answer it within a few hours. The more specific you can make your question the easier it is to answer.

When will you be offering this program again? This is the only time this year Clutter-Free with ADHD will be offered.

Stop Waiting for Someday!

Someday isn’t the answer. Clearing your clutter will never get any easier. In fact, I can guarantee it’ll just get harder.

Remember,  Registration closes January 13, 2018. But, since space is limited you’d be wise to register early.

$225 is an incredible value for a program with the potential to change the trajectory of your life.


Ready to Rid Your Life of Clutter?

Easy Registration.  Clutter Free with ADHD


100% Satisfaction Guarantee  

I want Clutter-Free with ADHD to knock your socks off. Give the program a try and if you don’t like it for any reason simple email me to ask for a refund by the end of the third week and I’ll refund you full payment. No questions asked.

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