Confessions of an ADHD Coach: My Priorities Sabotaged My Business Success

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I’ve been frustrated lately. I haven’t been able to focus on my priority of creating more affordable group ADHD coaching programs.

It’s something I want to do, something I promised to provide, and something people are counting on me to create. Yet I haven’t been able to get the ADHD coaching programs up and running. I am sharing with you how my priorities sabotaged my business success.

I use a priority list to guide my work and to create a bit of structure to help me avoid distraction. So, in order to get a clear picture of what’s happening, I decided to review my priority list.

I’ll share with you how I set my work priorities with my ADHD…

Family Emergencies – If someone I love is in serious need of my help they come first. Everything else gets put aside. Thankfully this is rare, but Family First is a guiding principal of my company, for me and for my team.

My Health and Well-Being – That means I don’t miss my yoga classes, my healthy lunch or other meals. Taking care of me is important for my clients. If I’m not at my peak then they don’t get my best ADHD coaching, which they deserve.

My Clients – Emails and texts from my clients get a prompt response. They are important to me and other work projects get pushed aside in order for me to attend to them.

Bringing Money into My Business – That means marketing comes before working on projects. If I’m not bringing in new clients the business will die.

My Team – If Angie, my operations manager or any one of the capable people who help hold my business together need something they get it after the other four priorities have been handled. After all, that’s why I hired a team, so they can handle these things while I look after my highest priorities.

Creating New Programs and Products – I love helping adults with ADHD live more successful and effortless lives. Watching ‘aha moments’ and seeing goals be reached is as great a joy for me as it is for my clients. I have big goals to help more people and that means creating new products and programs.

And as I’m writing this I’ve realized why I’ve been frustrated – creating new products, something I know is important to my tribe and business, has fallen way, way down in my ADHD priority list.

Everything else seems to come before creating these important ADHD programs and products.

At one time these priorities worked well. But if I don’t create new products then I won’t be able to reach my big goal of helping 10,000 ADHD adults live more successfully and effortlessly.

So here’s the kicker: while all of those priorities are important, building the business to be what I want it to be needs to rise higher on the list.

Reaching, stretching and growing is vital for my business. It’s what I must do in order to continue providing great support for my clients. And that means my priorities must shift – at least for a while.

Your ADHD priorities will shift as there are changes in your life. The bottom line is this: I have to set my priorities then take conscious action to ensure that’s what I focus on. Otherwise I’m flopping around at the whim of everybody else. Without clear direction I won’t meet my goals. So for now, my priorities will shift, so I have a clear guideline that will lead me where I want to go.

So what will I do? As often is the case with living with ADHD, awareness of my problem is my first step. Now that I realize the source of my problem I’m making a date with my priority list and my schedule to make the necessary adjustments.

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