Covering Up Weak ADHD Life Skills?

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ADHD life skillsDid you know ADHD adults and cats have a lot in common? It’s true. When your ADHD life skills are weak you’ll spend a ton of energy covering up your messes. Just like a cat in a litter box.

Hiding this clutter here. Covering that missed deadline there. Walking about acting like what you just did doesn’t smell like chaos.

Are your ADHD life skills up to snuff? Heck, I don’t know. Only you, your loved ones, and co-workers can tell you that.

Seriously, there is one solid clue that your ADHD life skills need help.

Your words.

What do you say to others? To yourself? Your words will pretty much nail if boosting your ADHD life skills could improve your life.

  • Excuse the mess.
  • Could you repeat that? I missed what you said.
  • Maybe no one will notice…
  • Sorry, I’m late!
  • I know it’s here somewhere…
  • Sorry! I should have it finished tomorrow.

Your words are your direct link to whether you’re struggling to cover your, um, tracks. A clear sign you’re living in mayhem and chaos.

As bad as they are, the mayhem and chaos aren’t really the worst part of living with ADHD. The worst part is the guilt and shame.

The constant knowledge that you’re letting yourself down. Letting other people down. Knowing other people notice you’re dropping the ball.

Such a painful way to live.

I used to be an expert at covering my messes, too. My words often focused on excuses and shame. In the olden days before I got a handle on my ADHD.

This is why I’m passionate about teaching practical ADHD life skills. I’ve lived both ways and like the new way best.

Okay, so what ADHD life skills do you need?

You Need Three Types of ADHD Life Skills

The three essential ADHD life skill sets are:

  • Organizing. Clutter and disorganization do more than look messy. They waste time, increase stress, and trash your self-confidence.
  • Time Management. Life is calmer and more productive when your tasks, time, and priorities are under control.
  • Symptoms Management. Natural solutions to put you in control of your life instead of your distracted, impulsive brain.

Are you tired of living like a cat covering up messes as fast as you make them? Then I challenge you to focus on skill building. Change your relationship with your ADHD.

Please don’t ignore this. Which ADHD life skills are you missing? Take charge of filling in the gaps so you can create the calm, intentional life you want.

If you’re ready to build new ADHD life skills and totally change your relationship with your ADHD, I suggest you consider joining my ADHD Success Club.

Read Chris’s Opinion of the ADHD Success Club

Dana has an incredible knack for identifying needs and then teaching practical, step-by-step strategies that don’t come naturally to those of us with ADD.  Equally important, she provides warm, empathetic, non-judgmental support to help those of us in the Success Club move forward: to actually make progress instead of just talking about making progress.

My wife and kids have noticed a huge difference in my daily routine, my attentiveness to staying on task, and being able to build a structured schedule around daily and weekly goals.  And although my co-workers and boss have no idea that I participate in ADD coaching, they have noticed that I am now on time, even early, to meetings, instead of always being late.

Dana is a naturally joyful, fun and encouraging person and the coaching calls have become a bright spot of my week.  I feel like I’m finally learning the skills that I’ve lacked all my life.  More importantly, I have the necessary support to be who I want to be and accomplish what I want to accomplish rather than being tossed around by the symptoms of my ADD.

Chris, San Diego California

Stop struggling with poor ADHD life skills. Join the ADHD Success Club today. Click here for details.




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