Water and ADHD. The Gut Punch of Dehydration.

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I’m excited to tell you what’s going on here in ADHD Success International Headquarters (which means my basement home office). I’m in the middle of my own One-Rat Study about drinking water and ADHD.

What’s a One-Rat Study? That’s what I call experimenting on yourself to find your best ADHD treatment.

First, a sincere thank you for your patience with my many emails announcing the ADHD Success Club. Now that the Success Club is going strong, we can return to our normal newsletters.

Okay. Back to today’s topic. My One-Rat Study on drinking water and ADHD. Specifically, if drinking more water softens my ADHD symptoms.

The Power of One-Rat Studies

I’ve been using One-Rat Studies on myself for years. They make a massive difference in whether I succeed or struggle with ADHD.

You see, one of the interesting things about ADHD is that each of us is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all ADHD treatment. This applies to brain care, too.

That’s where our One-Rat Studies come in. You experiment and notice what works for you and your brand of Adult ADHD.  

Here’s an example.

You’ve probably heard the common advice that adults need eight hours of sleep a night. Well…that advice doesn’t match what I’ve found in over 20 years of tweaking the sleep habits of ADHD adults.

Yes, eight hours is a good place to start because many people do need eight hours. But the reality? Some of my clients find their best brain on nine hours of sleep.

My One-Rat Sleep Studies show that my brain works great on seven hours of sleep a night. I can’t sleep eight hours even if I try.

That’s why I adore One-Rat Studies. When you consciously experiment with a habit or treatment, you find out what works best for you.

The Question: Does Drinking More Water Help ADHD?

After my last dehydration headache, I decided to do a One-Rat Study on my ADHD and water consumption. It’s been eye-opening.

My discovery? My brain needs a lot more water than I thought it did.

Was I surprised! I already drink more water than most people, since I know water boosts my focus and motivation. Dehydrated brains are foggy and sluggish.

My One-Rat Study over two weeks showed me that my brain power spikes when I double the amount of water I drink. In fact, it seems like my history of afternoon energy slumps was dehydration caused.

My poor ADHD brain has been dehydrated.

Yes, I’m heading to the bathroom more. And, I need to taper off the water in the evening, or I’m up hitting the head in the middle of the night. But, for me, a clear, energized brain is worth the hassle.

Will you get the same result if you drink more water? Who knows. Every ADHD brain is different. But, isn’t it worth a try?

My One-Rat Study shows that at least for me, ADHD and dehydration zap my productivity. Drinking more water is an easy thing to try to see if you can soften your ADHD symptoms.

Fight for having a brain that works for you. That’s it for today. Now, go get something to drink.


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