Are you tired of struggling to stay organized?

Are you tired of feeling like you’ll live in chaos for the rest of your life?

Are you tired of shuffling papers from one pile to another and getting no traction?

I know all too well the struggles that come with being disorganized. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ll never stay ahead of the clutter and stacks of paper.

I know the fear of wondering what you’re going to do when the doorbell rings with an unexpected visitor.

And I know what it’s like to spend your days struggling with the frustration and shame of never-ending disorganization.

I also know these feelings can be conquered.

When you learn practical, everyday organizing skills that work for the way you think, you can overcome your struggles with disorganization and the challenges keeping you from living a calm, peaceful life.

Finally, Organized with ADHD is my new group coaching program designed specifically for ADHD adults who are ready to learn a different way to live, to get organized, and become their best self.

In Finally, Organized with ADHD we will spend 8 weeks focusing on building your organizing skills. This group program will help you create sustainable momentum by honing in on the practical skills, key habits, and simple systems so you can stay organized.

This program is designed for adults who struggle with ADHD-type symptoms such as distraction and overwhelm yet are determined to get organized. People who are as passionate about overcoming disorganization as you are. An official ADHD / ADD diagnosis is not required.

This 8-week telephone program starts April 24, 2018.

Live, interactive training and coaching calls are held Tuesdays at 10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain, Noon Central, and 1 PM Eastern.

Each call is recorded and you will receive a link to the replay shortly after each session ends. The recordings are yours to keep.

You will receive a handout by email to guide you through the day’s module before each call.

Your investment for all of this is only $199.

Here's what you get

Finally, Organized with ADHD is based on my proven, result-oriented group coaching model. When you join this innovative group you’ll get:

    • Deep awareness and understanding of your personal organizing challenges.
    • You will get experienced coaching and compassionate guidance on busting through those challenges.
    • Weekly calls with me where we expand your organizing knowledge, evaluate what’s working, eliminate what’s not, and work on honing your organizing skills.
    • The security of knowing you’re being guided by someone who has learned how to overcome debilitating disorganization and has built a successful business around teaching others practical organizing skills.
    • The support and inspiration of others who struggle just like you and are also determined to forge a new relationship with clutter and disorganization.

Here's what you'll learn

Finally, Organized with ADHD is based on my proven, result-oriented group coaching model. When you join this innovative group you’ll get:

      • Why your file system doesn’t work and what to do about it
      • How to organize your desk and papers – it’s easier than you think!
      • What papers to keep and where to keep them
      • The 2 simple habits that will keep you organized forever
      • The Key to Zapping Clutter
      • The 3 Clear Questions to Eliminate Paper Clutter
      • My favorite trick for quickly clearing lots of clutter fast
      • 4 Organizing Myths to ignore if you have ADHD / ADD
      • My fool-proof method for deciding where to keep something
      • The trick to getting any place organized
      • How to get off that frustrating roller coaster of getting organized only to have the clutter pile up again
      • How to decide if you should keep something or get rid of it
      • Practical systems and routines to keep you organized in just a few minutes a day
      • The power of my 5-Minute Rule to keep you effortlessly organized

Your Coach

clutter free adhd

I’m Dana Rayburn, a leading expert and coach for ADHD adults determined to get organized, get things done, and live easier with ADHD.

You can read more about me here.

My short story is, I’ve been an ADHD coach for nearly 20 years, before that I was a professional organizer, before that I was so disorganized I could barely function.

I learned how to get organized and have made it my life’s mission to help others do the same. Oh, I have ADHD, too. Inattentive type.

After You Join

After you register you will receive a welcome email and a receipt.

The day before each session you will receive a reminder email with call details and the handout for the week attached for you to print.

You join the other participants by phone or Internet at the time of each session.

Each call starts with training and leaves lots of time for questions and coaching.

After each session, you will get an email with a link to the recording. It’s yours to keep. I recommend you download it to your phone or computer.

The Curriculum

This program is a companion course to my recently completed (and very successful, I might add) Clutter-Free with ADHD program where we took a deep dive into all things clutter. How to clear it, where it comes from, working with other people’s clutter and more.

No worries if you missed the clutter-free course. I am recording a special bonus training to give you the essential clutter clearing skills you need to know to succeed in Finally, Organized with ADHD.

Bonus Module Recording Available April 16 – Clutter Clearing Essentials

April 24: Week 1 – Effortlessly Organized Strong Start

May 1: Week 2 – Homes Sweet Homes

May 8: Week 3 – Creating a Paper Paradise

May 15: Week 4 – What Ho! Friendly Files

May 22: Week 5 – Super Storage Secrets

May 29: Week 6 – The Trick to Organizing Anyplace

June 5: Week 7 – Your System is Your New Best Friend

June 12: Week 8 – Effortlessly Organized for Life

Customer Reviews

Okay, Finally, Organized with ADHD is a new program so I don’t have any testimonials yet. But I can share comments from people who just finished the Clutter-Free with ADHD program and my other organizing programs…

I really have operated from the “I’ll do this later” module in the past. The muscles I’ve been building lets me “schedule it” or “do it now” and I’m loving that. I found gift cards I’ve “saved for later,” I’ve found checks from Christmas that I deposited now, and I’ve returned skincare products that no longer worked and got money back. This class has more than paid for itself for me (like 10 times over) Abby, California

I have REALLY enjoyed the Clutter Free class. Thank you for making this course available to me. It has really helped me focus on clutter for what it “really is,” as well as helped me to look at the source(s) of my clutter, and reinforced skills to reduce/eliminate clutter. Judy, Alabama

Your Clutter Free class has worked! For the first time since I can remember I have our taxes done before the deadline. I won’t have to file an extension. Priscilla, Louisiana

I’ve gotten our apartment is so much better organized my partner is happy to be at home! Danny, California

Slowly, I have been tackling the clutter and it feels so good! All that I want to do now is take a pause, get completely organized, enjoy life more and then go back to work!  A girl can dream!!! Lee Ann, Maryland

I used to be so afraid of people dropping in. Hearing the doorbell was my greatest fear. Not anymore and we actually feel in control of things much more. So thank you for doing what you do. I’m so grateful to you. Thanks. Kate

I’m 59 now going on 20 because I’m so excited to find these tips I wish I’d had years ago. It’s really helping me get organized from an ADHD standpoint. Nan, Pennsylvania

Yours is the first book I’ve read that puts organizing in language I can understand and makes any sense. Heather, Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program meet? Tuesdays at 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific, (11 AM Mountain, Noon Central, 1:00 PM Easter) Starting April 24, 2018, and ending June 12, 2018.

How long is the program? It lasts for 8 weeks. Each session lasts at least one hour. Longer if there are more questions.

What can I expect from each session? Each module combines targeted skills training with interactive Q&A and coaching. This is a deep dive into the systems and structures for being organized. My goal is for you to understand organizing and build the skills to know exactly how to go about it.

How many people will be on the calls at once? You can expect approximately 20 people on the call. My experience with group programs shows this is a perfect size for a dynamic, energized program.

Do I have to talk on the calls? No, you are welcome to listen and learn from the others on the call. I want you to be completely comfortable. Just know, the more you participate, the more you’ll benefit from the training.

Will anyone know who I am? Your confidentiality will be protected. We use only first names. No one can see you. You will be heard only if you signal me that you want to ask a question or say something.

How do I join each session? You join each session by phone or computer from the convenience of your home or office. You will receive emails before each session with the access numbers and codes to easily join.

What happens if I miss a session? No worries. You will receive an email with access to a full recording of the call soon after each session ends. You will be able to download the recording to your computer or phone to listen to anytime. At the end of the program, I will email you a full list of all the modules and links to the replays.

How will I access the program handouts and materials? You will get an email before each call with the pdf of the program handouts. The handouts are designed for you to take notes on. You’ll get the best results if you print the handout before each session.

How long will I have access to the recordings? They are yours to keep for as long as you like. If you want to keep them forever, I recommend you download them to your computer or phone. I have no plans to delete them from the system, but if I ever do something crazy like retire the system will be shut down.

Are there visuals and slides online during the program? No. In my years of leading group programs, I find participants get better results and can pay better attention by listening on the phone while taking notes on the printed handouts. The visuals get distracting.

How much does Finally, Organized with ADHD cost? I’ve worked very hard to keep this affordable. The fee is $199 payable by credit card or Paypal.

Is there a guarantee? Yes, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have joined the call and done the work and still decide this program isn’t for you, simply email me by the end of the first week and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD. Can I still sign up? Yes! Whether ADHD is diagnosed or suspected you are welcome to join. Please have enough control over your symptoms that you are able to function. You don’t need to be on medication either. About half the people in the program are officially diagnosed.

Who shouldn’t join Finally, Organized with ADHD? This is a skills training program focused on organizing. This is not a program for people with hoarding challenges or people who need therapy or counseling to get rid of clutter and get organized.

Can I join if I don’t have ADHD / ADD? Yes, as long as you are patient and respectful of people who tend to be scattered and unfocused. Please remember this is a safe place for people with ADD / ADHD tendencies. It is paced for people with ADHD. We will look at everything through an ADHD lens. If spending an hour a week with people with ADHD taxes your patience this probably isn’t the right program for you.

Will I learn to get organized at work or home? Organizing is a problem for people with ADHD at both work and home. The skill you will learn can be used anywhere you have clutter. This is a program for business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and stay at home moms / dads. You’ll learn skills that apply to both work and home situations.

I have questions about the program. Who do I ask? Simply fill out the contact form you’ll find at this link. I will receive your question and answer it within a few hours. The more specific you can make your question the easier it is to answer.

When will you be offering this program again? I have no plans to offer Finally, Organized with ADHD again this year. If you are interested, now is the best time.

Stop Waiting for Someday

Someday isn’t the answer. Getting organized will never get any easier. In fact, I can guarantee it’ll just get harder.

Remember,  Registration closes April 23, 2018. But, since space is limited you’d be wise to register early.

$199 is an incredible value for a program with the potential to change the trajectory of your life.

Ready to Finally Get Organized?

Registration is easy!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee  

I want Finally, Organized with ADHD to knock your socks off. Give the program a try and if you don’t like it for any reason simple email me to ask for a refund by the end of the first week and I’ll refund your full payment. No questions asked.

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