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Today I was thinking about all the free ADD / ADHD articles you can find online. It occurred to me that not all these articles are helpful to those of us with Adult Attention Deficit, and many are downright wrong!

To save you the time and effort of searching, I’ve linked four free ADD / ADHD articles I’ve written that I’m told are both helpful and insightful to those with Attention Deficit.


1. One of the toughest questions society asks about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is, Is ADD / ADHD an Excuse or an Explanation? The answer depends solely on the individual. Are you using your ADHD as an excuse? Or an explanation. Click here to find out.

2. Overcoming ADD Distractions holds a great little secret to keep you from getting distracted while accomplishing a specific task. This free article teaches you to play a little game to keep you on-track until you’re all done! This easy little trick will help you better manage your time no matter what you’re doing! Click here to read more.

3. Sometimes, those of us with ADD / ADHD worry about how we are going to survive day-to-day with Attention Deficit. 9 Tips for Living Successfully with ADHD discusses some of the most important methods of coping with ADHD including diet and exercise, treatment plans, self-talk, and more! It’s a great all-around article with really helpful tips for total ADHD management.

4. Have you considered ADD / ADHD coaching as part of your ADHD treatment plan? Are you curious about what ADHD coaching is? My article, ADHD Coaching, What It’s All About?  explains what coaching is and what programs I have. Read on to find out if coaching is right for you!

Want more? Click here for more great, free ADD / ADHD articles online.

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