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With so much going on, I’m dedicating this week’s blog to filling you in about upcoming free ADHD events.

Free ADHD eventsFree ADHD Success Mini Master Class Videos – Starts May 23

Readers have been asking me to hold more ADHD Success Chats. (A series of free ADHD webinars I taught a few years ago.) The Success Chats were great, but I’m in the mood for something a bit different right now.

That’s why I’m making some training videos for you. Shot right here at my desk in ADHD Success World Headquarters (aka my basement office).

You can watch the first ADHD Success Mini MasterClass video on Tuesday, May 23. We’re starting with 5 False Beliefs That Fuel Your Procrastination. The Master MiniClass will be free for ADHD Success subscribers.

This is just a heads up. There’s nothing for you to do now except keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll send you an email when the Mini MasterClass videos are ready.


FREE ADD Classes Webinar

My friend and colleague,Tara McGillicuddy of ADD Classes, is at is again. She’s hosting a free ADHD webinar with  coach Lynne Edris on ADHD & Punctuality: Even You can Learn to be On-Time

You can listen live by telephone or internet on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, from 9:00 to 10:00 pm Eastern Time. Or, if that doesn’t fit your schedule you will be able to listen to a free replay until 5/23/2017.

  Register Here for Free ADHD Webinar on Punctuality  


Crusher TV Appearance

Last week, Alan Brown, of ADD Crusher fame, interviewed me for a Crusher TV segment. We talked about some of my favorite productivity hacks. I was pretty nervous since I’ve never shot a virtual TV show before. Alan assures me I did fine, though. My Crusher TV debut starts airing on Monday, May 15. That’s when I’ll send you a special announcement with links and details about how you can watch it.

ADHD Success Club / Private Coaching Duo

I’m filling in a missing piece to the ADHD Success Club. Starting in June, members can combine laser private coaching sessions with their membership. At a steal of a price for private coaching, it’s available only to active Success Club members. The best of both worlds. Fantastic ADHD skills training and group coaching in the ADHD Success Club. Skyrocket results with more accountability and individual attention through affordable, Private Laser Coaching. Can’t beat it.

Also, the PM ADHD Success Club, is wrapping up its first year this month. What better way to celebrate a first birthday than to start all over again at the beginning! That’s right. The afternoon / evening group starts again with Module #1, Your Foundation For ADHD Success, in early June. Many of the original members love the Success Club so much they are signing up for a second round. So space in the new group will be limited. I’ll email you more info about openings and registration in a few weeks.


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