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Organized for the Rest of Your LifeDo you struggle to stay organized? I used to. But, I don’t anymore.

That’s why I want to make sure you know about my new training program, Finally, Organized with ADHD.

Finally, Organized with ADHD is an 8-week program where you’ll learn how to get organized so you can stay organized for the rest of your life.

So, you stop the frustrating dance of moving papers from one pile to the other.

You build practical organizing systems that work for the way you think.

What others say about the program:

    • I really have operated from the “I’ll do this later” module in the past. The muscles I’ve been building lets me “schedule it” or “do it now” and I’m loving that. I found gift cards I’ve “saved for later,” I’ve found checks from Christmas that I deposited now, and I’ve returned skincare products that no longer worked and got money back. This class has more than paid for itself for me (like 10 times over) Abby, California
    • Your Clutter-Free class has worked! For the first time since I can remember I have our taxes done before the deadline. I won’t have to file an extension. Priscilla, Louisiana

Finally, Organized with ADHD starts next Tuesday, April 24, 2018. We have only a couple of spaces left. Interested? Learn more about the program here. Or if you want to go directly to the order form, click here.

What makes Finally, Organized with ADHD so unique?

You’ll learn the tricks and skills I used to transform from being incredibly disorganized to who I am today.

I call it being effortlessly organized. You see, when you set it up right it’s easy to stay organized.

Friends can drop by unannounced. I don’t waste a second fretting about how disorganized I am.

I never think longingly about… ”someday, when I’m organized…

Each week you’ll learn essential organizing skills:

•  organizing myths you MUST ignore.

• to decide the easiest, best places to keep things. 

• to keep your desk (and table and counters) clear of papers. 

• to set up a super intuitive filing system. 

•  secrets for organizing anything. Yes, anything.

• keys to creating useful storage.

• simple system to make staying organized easy.

• you need to do to stay organized for the rest of your life.

•  essential clutter clearing skills. (This is a special bonus recording I’ve made just for this program. So, no need to fret if you missed my Clutter-Free with ADHD program.)

AND, You get access to me. I’m not some distant, inaccessible guru. I’ll be right there on the calls guiding your journey. Answering your questions. Cheering you on.

What are you waiting for? 

Come join a community. You’ll be inspired and energized listening to the other ADHD adults on the live calls. Magically, only the most wonderful people join my programs. Believe me…I’m not complaining!

I wasted so many years frustrated and disorganized. Discovering the straight-forward organizing skills I’ll teach in Finally, Organized with ADHD turned my life around.

Click here now to start your journey to becoming organized for the rest of your life too!



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