What is the Private ADHD Success Coaching Program?

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Private ADHD Success coaching is an action-oriented, one-on-one telephone program for business owners and professionals who want more success and less struggle and stress in their business and personal lives.

With the program modules as our guide, I teach you how to play to your strengths while you develop smart, effective ADHD mastery skills and strategies. Your ADHD won’t vanish, but its power over you will be greatly reduced.

Whether you’re new to the idea of ADHD – perhaps you haven’t been diagnosed – or, you’ve been on medication and are ready to up your game, private coaching will challenge you to revise your habits and hone your productivity skills to reduce the impact of your ADHD.  Performing at your highest level fuels increased self-confidence, higher profits and allows you to focus on your priorities.

Pre-scheduled, weekly teDana Rayburn ADHD Coachlephone coaching sessions are confidential and results-oriented. Following my exclusive ADHD Success program, you’ll end each coaching call with concrete actions to focus on before our next session.

Accountability between coaching calls is reinforced by text messages and email.

Who Is The Private ADHD Success Program For?

You are a good candidate for the Private Coaching Program if you are:

  • A business owner, manager, and professional with ADD or ADHD committed to improving your productivity and reducing your stress at work and at home.
  • Ready and able to invest your time and money to learn effective, ADHD-friendly brain management and productivity tools to keep you organized, focused and in control of your priorities, tasks, and deadlines.
  • Successful in life despite your attention and ADHD challenges. Deep down you know you could have more impact; more calm.
  • Handling or have handled your emotional and therapy issues enough to be able to take action. ADHD coaching is life skills, productivity training NOT psychotherapy or counseling.
  • Interested in learning how to have better control over your brain and focus. You do not need an ‘official’ ADHD diagnosis and you do not need to be taking ADHD medication.

What Is The Weekly Time Commitment?

I aim to keep the amount of homework reasonable and inline with your schedule. Typically it’s no more than an hour spread over the week, plus the coaching call.

Can I Read Customer Reviews Of ADHD Private Coaching?

Yes, though there are snippets of testimonials spread over this site, you can read full client testimonials here

I Don’t Want to Commit to Six Months. Do You Offer Shorter Agreements?

Six months is the minimum amount of time I will work with a private client. Private ADHD Success Coaching is a comprehensive program designed to help you create a life of true ADHD Success. You have new habits, skills and routines to learn. Awareness to build. Brain care to master. In my experience, a shorter time frame gives clients false expectations and allows half measures. If you would like a shorter time commitment please consider my group program, The ADHD Success Club. Find out more here.

What Are The Program Details?

  • Three private, 40-minute coaching sessions each month
  • Sessions via phone or Skype
  • Accountability check-ins by text or email between calls

What’s The Investment? Are There Payment Plans?

You have a choice of two payment plans for the private coaching program:

  • Full Payment – $2900 – up front
  • Six monthly payments of $525 each

Payments are by credit card: I accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

A more affordable option for working with me is The ADHD Success Club. You’ll find more information here.

What’s My Next Step?

Your next step is to request an ADHD Success Strategy Session; a brief, confidential phone or Skype conversation to decide if we’d like to work together.

No hard sell or gimmicks. Believe me I don’t have the time or need. If I don’t Dana Rayburn Coachthink I’m the right one to help you live successfully with ADHD, I’ll let you know.

Click the link below to request a Strategy Session.

After we talk, if we decide to work together, then we schedule our calls, arrange payment, complete an agreement and a Private Coaching Questionnaire.

Click here to let me know you want to schedule an ADHD Success Strategy Session.

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