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Organized for Life! is designed to help disorganized people clear the clutter and chaos in as little as 15 minutes a day. The most remarkable part of the whole system is that using my program you will not only learn how to get organized with ADHD, but you will find it easy to stay organized, too. Organized for Life! is jam packed with proven techniques to guide you step-by-step on your organizing journey. Techniques I’ve used over the years to get my ADHD coaching clients and me organized so we stay that way.

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spending dragons book

Slay Your Spending Dragons

Do you buy things impulsively without considering if you can afford them or not?

Reading this handy ebook will help you get your spending under control and cut off clutter at the source.

You will:

  • Learn my three-step method for getting your spending (and clutter) under control.
  • Discover the three questions you must ask before you buy anything.
  • Fully come to grips with your impulsive spending and what you can do to combat it.
  • Design a personal plan of attack to slay your specific spending dragons.
home filing system book

The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint

Are you ready to clear off your desk and create a filing system that you and everyone in your family can use? In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • Simple ways to keep your files up-to-date.
  • My common sense method of naming your files so you can quickly find papers when you need them.
  • Practical ways to store all those sentimental papers and photos.
  • If you really need a safe deposit box and what to keep in it.
  • Practical ways to store all those sentimental papers and photos.
  • The Essential Home Filing System Equipment list.

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The Clutter Busting eCourse

With the Clutter Busting Crash Course you will get a quick email every other day for two weeks that will teach you clutter clearing techniques so you can cut off clutter at the source. You’ll learn:

  • How to clear clutter once and for all.
  • The real reason stacks and piles build up and what to do about it.
  • My favorite clutter busting tricks and strategies like The Spy-Glass.
  • How to sort through piles of paper and quickly decide what to keep.
  • How to get motivated on the days when you just don’t feel like tackling the piles.
  • Simple solutions to keep the clutter from ever coming back.
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