How To Stop Wasting Time Online

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Wasting time online is a major problem for adults with ADHD. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, fantasy sports teams, online shopping, you name it. When you’ve got Adult ADHD, logging onto the Internet can be like falling down a rabbit hole.

One tempting click leads to another, and before you know it, half your day has vanished. Or, it’s 2:00 AM, you still haven’t gone to bed, and you know your brain will be toast in the morning.

Wasting time online is a huge pitfall for many of my ADHD coaching clients. It’s a major culprit to the unrealistic planning I call Magical ADHD Planning.

How To Stop Wasting Time Online

I’m incredibly excited about a new tool one of my clients recently told me about. It’s called RescueTime and it uses technology to add much needed help to solving the problem of falling down that virtual rabbit hole and spending too much time online.

I’ve been test driving RescueTime for myself, and, so far, I’m really encouraged by the results. It seamlessly runs in the background on my computer, tracking which applications, websites, and documents I use the most.

I have complete control over what time gets logged and when. Being able to see exactly where I’m spending my time has boosted my productivity. I’m wasting a lot less time online than I used to.

Waste Time Online No More

You know how it is. Just knowing RescueTime has it’s eye on me helps me stay focused. Our ADHD brains focus the best when we’re being watched!

RecueTime has two versions. The free version gives you a basic understanding of how you’re spending your time in front of the computer. The paid version has all the bells and whistles, including my favorite feature: allowing you to block distracting parts of the Internet so you can stay on task.

In full transparency, I do get a couple of dollars when someone signs up for the paid version, but I hope you know me well enough to know I only recommend tools I find incredibly helpful in making life easier for ADHD adults.

RescueTime is a valuable ADHD Management tool. If wasting time online is a problem for you, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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