Why Does the ADHD Success Club Work?

Successful business people
  • It’s thorough. My 50 module curriculum covers all aspects of organizing, time management, and ADHD symptom management.
  • It’s practical. These are time-tested structures, systems, and techniques I’ve used to help my clients build successful lives.
  • It provides mega support and accountability. There are ample opportunities during the calls to ask questions and get coaching. Accountability is built into each module to keep you focused and moving towards your goals.
  • It’s flexible. Although we do everything live, it’s all recorded so you don’t have to fret about missing a thing. You can choose between morning or or evening classes (see times under The Schedule below).
  • It’s a community. The secret power of the Success Club is your connection with other members who struggle with ADHD, too. We learn from each other, hold each other accountable and give compassionate support on and off the calls.

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