Here’s  What  Members Say About the ADHD Success Club

From Catherine in  Canada

Dana, I have benefited greatly from the Success Club and will continue to do so with your material and recordings. As we say in my work, this is a ‘living document’. The recordings are kept at my fingertips for regular reference; enhanced as I continue to learn about these topics, me and my ADHD/   Depression/ Anxiety mix; and re-played to feel the support and validation from you in every call. You are a treasure… thank you!


From Janet in  California

I love the Success Club! It has given me hope that I can live a life free of shame and regret. Dana has helped me really accept that ADHD is a neurological condition and not a character disorder. Working with a group of like-minded individuals has allowed me to develop more empathy for myself. The skills I am learning are truly invaluable. Hearing about Dana’s personal journey has inspired me and knowing she has been down the same path but has learned how to become a success gives her the credibility necessary to be my coach. I really believe she gets it!

From Marcie in Texas

All of those internal, noisy messages about not measuring up, those insane feelings of not being able to catch up, not having enough time or not able to be on time, ending up in the same darn circumstance again and again and again…it FINALLY starts to make sense. It’s how your brain works. That’s the good news and that’s the bad news.

The Success Club helps you find your way to creating new habits … even if you have had lifelong struggles … which most of us have had.

I am a closet ADDer. I have never been diagnosed. But I have recognized so many of my traits and struggles in the lives of others in the Success Club. And in Dana. I know I am not alone. Through Dana’s excellent teachings, inspiration and lived example, we know life can be better.

I have to say the Success Club has made more difference in my life than any other method of self-improvement. By showing up each week and doing the homework, I am gaining such personal awareness. Seeds of change are planted and I am already reaping the benefits!

If you are ready to make lasting change, do yourself a favor… take the plunge and join us! I am starting to see amazing results…you can too!

From Kira in MA

Executive function is essential in creating and sustaining a meaningful life. The success club offers a way to recognize what holds us back from manifesting our possibilities.  This is more than the tips and tricks we need; more essential than that; a vision of how we could be if not ruled by these inadequacies. Doing this as a group creates a community of mirrors to give an opportunity to laugh and cry at our limitations and celebrate our overcoming them! I highly recommend this journey!

From Grace in Alabama

The ADHD Success Club led by Dana Rayburn has been life changing for me. The Success Club, which meets twice a week, has provided me an opportunity to dig deep and learn about both basic and complex aspects of ADHD with like-minded ADHD adults. Dana Rayburn, who herself has ADHD, not only “talks the talk,” but she also “walks the walk”.

From Chris in San Diego

Dana has an incredible knack for identifying needs and then teaching practical, step-by-step strategies that don’t come naturally to those of us with ADD. Equally important, she provides warm, empathetic, non-judgmental support to help those of us in the Success Club move forward: to actually make progress instead of just talking about making progress.

My wife and kids have noticed a huge difference in my daily routine, my attentiveness to staying on task, and being able to build a structured schedule around daily and weekly goals.  And although my co-workers and boss have no idea that I participate in ADD coaching, they have noticed that I am now on time, even early, to meetings, instead of always being late.
Dana is a naturally joyful, fun and encouraging person and the coaching calls have become a bright spot of my week.  I feel like I’m finally learning the skills that I’ve lacked all my life.  More importantly, I have the necessary support to be who I want to be and accomplish what I want to accomplish rather than being tossed around by the symptoms of my ADD.


From GS in New Jersey

I just joined and yesterday was my first session on “Get The Important Stuff Done with Time Chunks” – I’m already finding the coaching so useful and action-oriented!!


From Kyra in Connecticut

I’d like to say thank you for all that you have done for me. Your guidance has helped me a great deal with my ADD issues and I’m grateful for it.


From CP in South Carolina

Thank you very much for making your wisdom and insights available for what I know is a much more affordable option than private coaching.


From TZ in Portland, OR

….. the Success Club helped me weather this rough patch, I was leaning hard into some things I picked up there, and they helped a lot.Thank you for doing what you do!


From MS in New York

Thanks, as always, for your time in creating the Success Club and helping us all to find solutions to our perplexing problems!

Honestly, I feel I’ve obtained more constructive awareness and learned more needed behavior modifications in the past few months than I’ve gotten over many years of personal Therapy with supposed “ADD Aware” Therapists!  I just can’t say enough about how beneficial this has been for me!


From CS in California

Also, I  want to thank you for the work you do.  Without the strategies you design (that come from your own experience as someone with ADD), and test and improve on over the years, I really would have no clue except to “try harder.”  But you provide an actual practical path: step 1, step 2, etc…and that for me makes all the difference.  I’m just starting on the path of learning and putting into practice new ways, new habits, but I have noticed the difference even in this short time of being in the coaching program.

Your hard work is making a difference!


From Diane in AZ

I just wanted to let you know how important your Management Mastery program was and continues to be for me. The single biggest impact for me has been the to-do list approach.  When I do this well, I’m in control.  When I don’t do a weekly refresh of my list, I get out of control.

I’m coming off of a busy couple of weeks planning my dad’s 90th birthday party which was last weekend. It was wonderful and well worth the time, but I definitely got behind on my weekly to do list.  I’ve been suffering from task and priority confusion the last few days, and I finally got my list done today.  Ta-Da!  Like magic, I’m back in control!!

While it’s fresh in my mind, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and let you know that you’ve made a huge difference in my life!


What Private Coaching Clients Say About ADHD Coaching with Dana

From Lauren in Boston, MA

I began working with Dana when I was just starting out in my career. I had been diagnosed with ADD as a child, and had learned coping mechanisms along the way that helped me get through school. The corporate world brought on challenges that i hadn’t experienced before, and i felt like i was struggling to keep my head above water. I would go to meetings and not feel prepared and often put on the spot as a result. I couldn’t juggle long term and short term projects at the same time — the long term projects would be forgotten, until I was in a meeting and someone asked about my progress.

I had my first mid-year review with my boss, and she told me that I needed to start working on knowing when to hold back my thoughts, especially to someone much higher up than me. I thought I had my ADD under control, but this was the wake up call I needed. 

I looked online for solutions and came across Dana’s website. I set up a call with her and for the first time, started to feel the weight lift off my chest. 

She began giving me the tools I needed to get where I needed to go. Nothing felt forced or foreign — the change came very natural, because Dana took the time to understand what the root of the issue was and had very simple solutions for me to try. My boss noticed the change and complimented me on it; six months later, at my next performance review, she told me that she had seen a 180 degree difference in me. She noticed I was more confident and more on top of everything.

With Dana’s guidance, I also got promoted to my dream job. I went from stuck in a rut to in charge of my career. When I look back on my life and think about the pivotal moments in my history, the time I have worked with Dana will shine like a beacon. I owe her everything and am very grateful for her guidance. 


From Sonja in Nokesville, VA

I’m managing things in a way that’s doable. Plus before anything gets too out of hand (like the laundry) I tackle it. I’m actually thinking ahead about things. And I am getting up better in the morning and am getting to work early and leaving on time. Wow. Thanks to you  More people need to hear about you.


From Kevin in Austin, TX

When I first met Dana I was getting comments from family friends and colleagues about me being ADHD. It cost me money, time, and ruined several relationships. Not only did Dana assist me in developing better systems to get more done in less time with less stress, we found out that something else was causing the symptoms of ADHD. I highly recommend Dana to anyone wanting more out of life.


From Janet in San Jose, CA

I LOVE working with Dana. She is like the compassionate, funny, smart, straight-shooting auntie we all want to have. She really gets it about ADD and all the confusion, fear, (shame sometimes), and “Oh great, how-do-I-do-this?” stuff that comes along with it. Dana encourages me and doesn’t let me trash talk myself. She also tells me straight when there’s something I’m doing that is not working. Dana really cares. I love that. I’m so glad I found her.


From John Bailey, MD

Professional Advisory Board, ADDA; Medical Director, Center for Attention & Learning, Mobile, AL.

Dependable, experienced, and practical, Dana Rayburn is one of the sturdiest anchor points among America’s web of ADHD coaching professionals.  Always at and on your side. ADHD goes better with Dana!


From Dawn in San Diego, CA

Thank you! Because of ADHD coaching I don’t feel so crazy. I used to feel so alone and different from everyone else. Now I understand why and you’ve helped me realize I’m not the only one this way.


From Charles in Chicago, IL

I think one of the biggest benefits I get from ADHD coaching with Dana is that I have more awareness and clarity of what’s going on in my head and around me. This gives me a clearer viewpoint so I can take action. She listens to me and helps me think of options for getting things done.

I also understand more about my ADHD me and what I need to do to be successful. Dana is helping me build on my strengths and delegate or minimize things I’m not good at so I don’t procrastinate as much and can get things done more easily.

I don’t have to apologize because of the way I am. Dana understands me and my ADHD ways. I can be wrong with her and it’s okay. She doesn’t pass judgement. I appreciate having a safe place to talk about things so I can see what’s going on and reach my goals.


From Duncan in Washington

I really appreciate how Dana helps me think about organization and planning the things I need to do. She takes that load off my wife. Spouses of ADHD Adults get angry when they have to assume the planning role. Instead of me aways depending on my wife, the things I need to do become my projects and with Dana’s support and positive feedback I can get things done.


From Sandy in Ashland, OR

Dana makes me responsible to someone so I can’t let things slide. She brings a lot of wisdom & enthusiasm to her ADHD coaching and believes in me and my ability to do what I set out to do. She’s responsive to my needs outside of the ADHD coaching sessions and is a great resource.


From Chuck in Indiana

Dana! I wanted to write you quickly for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to thank you for your help last night. It was timely and insightful.
  2. I wanted to encourage you at being a coach.You are really, really good!I know I’m a handful in everything I get involved in, and you have been so great at listening, coaching, probing and encouraging. Your input and insight and direction that you gave me during my call last night was extremely helpful, and I am applying it already. You are having a huge impact on my life and the way I view myself and process my challenges. Thank you. I know I’ll come out of this mess stronger and better equipped. You are proving a needed service that is impacting not only me, but my dear wife, my family, and everyone in my sphere of influence. You do a great job!

From Julie in Vancouver

I feel like a lot of what we’ve worked on in ADHD coaching has been awareness. I understand my ADHD traits better. Things I used to think were my bizarre personality traits I now know come from my ADHD. I’m better at transitions. I still don’t like to switch gears from a project I’m focused on to something else but now I can do it. I’m not putting off little tasks and details off like I used to. Things like responding to an email that will only take a few seconds to do. Plus, I really like you. You’re great to work with.


From Steve in Maryland

You help me to see things I normally don’t see and look at situations from different angles. ADHD Coaching helps me think methodically and plan so events don’t take me by surprise like they used to.


From Peter in Portland

ADHD Coaching has been really, really helpful. I’m so much better at managing my time. Things don’t get past me anymore. I used to forget things and get stressed. I no longer tear out my hair. That’s done. Knowing the basics of life are taken care of is a huge change.


From Lori in Oregon

I wanted to let you know that I draw on our sessions all the time.  Today was able to go from one thing to the next at work successfully.   I don’t know why it has been so hard for me to accept that I can’t rely on insight and good intentions to change my behavior, despite compelling evidence to the contrary.  And every time I fold clothes, I hear you say “live a little” as I throw my underwear into a heap in my drawer.


From Page in California

Thanks so much for your energy and support. It is a fast paced world out there with more distractions then one can ‘shake a stick’ at. Add some ADHD to the mix and we have a recipe for total confusion and ultimate failure.

You have taught me not only to keep my eye on the ball but which ball to keep my eye on! My struggle was not knowing what to do next, not knowing what is important, what is not, or, did I do enough today?

I found your concept of having just three repeatable things that I do to market my business each week especially helpful. I now do one of those things per day and there is a sense of accomplishment in that, it does not overwhelm me.

You also helped me take ownership and pride in my business. I used to believe that I wasn’t smart enough to do a lot of this ‘WEB’ related ‘mumbo-jumbo’ myself and that I needed others to help me with it. You have taught me otherwise and I am grateful.

Your non-judgmental and kind energy was a safe place for me to explore my short-comings and I looked forward to our weekly ADHD coaching session on the phone. I will miss those talks but I know you are only a phone call away if I need and that gives me peace.

Thanks again for all your gifts and especially thanks for who you are, the world is a better place with in it.


From Dayna in Texas

I just want to let you know that going into ADHD Coaching I measured success in small steps. I thought coaching would help in tangible ways, like keeping my bathroom clean, organizing papers at work, and generally being able to take over my life in tangible ways.

Now I’m discovering that the successes run significantly deeper than that. They run to the core of who I am. I wasn’t happy with me when I called you for the first time. I was thinking of who I “should” be instead of being happy with who I AM.

I called you in an attempt to change me. The core me; because surely I was built wrong. Surely this ADD was the cause of me not being a cookie cutter mold of perfection. Surely Adult ADHD was the reason I couldn’t function like a normal human.

But now I realize, thanks to you, that the core me is an okay girl. She isn’t screwed up because of some terrible disorder, she doesn’t need to “fix” herself, and she CAN live a happy and full life. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely, and there always will be. But that “improvement” isn’t found in my core values, my personality, or my heart. Those things are okay just as they are, it’s improvement on the outward things, how I handle my time, where I seek help, and actually reaching out and saying “I need help” that has changed me.

Thanks to you, I am accepting myself for who I am. I am no longer saying “I should” but looking at each problem as it comes and saying “what helps?” or “does that work for me?”

In this way not only am I seeing success in organizing my bathroom and bedroom, but I’m seeing it in my heart. I am looking objectively at myself and seeing a reduction in anxiety not only because outward things are getting better (one step at a time) but my heart is healing one step at a time as well. That was an unexpected success that is invaluable beyond words.

Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for working with who I am. I am SO GLAD I chose to make that call and asked for much needed help from you.

This whole email is just a long thank you. I know I still have a long way to go, but who would have known that in a month I could be this much better, happier, and relaxed about everything.


From Brad in Medford, OR

I am incredibly and eternally grateful for the ADHD coaching services you have provided over the past months. You have been instrumental in helping me and my family cope with what we’ve gone through with my late in life ADHD diagnosis. I could not and would not be where I am today without you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind heart and insightful views. It’s difficult to write this as I do feel personally if not financially indebted to you.


From Jennifer in San Diego, CA

My experience with Dana has been a lifesaver. I am classified as a “highly functional” ADD Adult, but my psychiatrist insisted that ADHD coaching be part of my treatment. I interviewed several coaches but found myself the most comfortable with Dana. And I’ve found the monthly fee more than worth it!

After two years of coaching from Dana, I’ve made so much progress:

  • Imanage my personal financesfairly well (a real challenge for me in the past).
  • My husband no longer has to tread carefully around my clutter to avoid injuring himself.
  • I’mmanaging to stay relatively organized at work and home.
  • I’ve learned tomanage my workload(I used to over commit regularly at work and home).
  • I’ve made great strides in “tricking” myself intostaying focused at work.
  • I’m adept atidentifying systemsthat work for me.
  • And it has been a long time since I turned my house upside down looking for keys or glasses! (A small thing, perhaps, but something that used to frustrate me to no end!)

Furthermore, I’m pregnant now and thus cannot take my ADD meds, so coaching has been my only salvation lately!

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