You Are About to Discover My Super Effective (and Surprisingly Fun!) System That’s Helped 100’s of People Master Sneaky, ADHD-Zapping Skills and Strategies…

So You Can Finally Live Up To Your Full Potential!

I Know What ADHD Is Like…

Hiding this.

Apologizing for that.

Hoping no one notices you’ve dropped the ball… again.

A sad way to live, wouldn’t you say?

Yet, it’s the life of so many ADHD adults.

I know this because…

“I used to be a master of ADHD-fueled failure.”

My favorite failure was when I had a surprise visit from a friend.

My husband and I were newly married and living in this darling little apartment which was an absolute clutter bomb of clothes, papers, books, and random stuff because of my ADHD.

Well, one day my good friend Barb called and asked if she could stop by since she was just down the street.

Back then I didn’t let people in unless I had at least two days to clean but… Barb was one of my best friends.

So I spent the next ten minutes running around grabbing all the piles of clutter from all over the house and stuffing them it into the dishwasher, kitchen cupboards, and even the shower!

Barb and I had a nice visit (she even commented on how clean the place looked) but as soon as she left I let out a heartbroken sigh and thought…

“This is enough, Dana! You’re lying to the people you love most and this has to change.”

It was a turning point in my life.

“Fast forward 30 years and now I’m so good at managing my ADHD that I help other people do it too!”

Over the past 19 years I’ve helped 100’s of adults with ADHD finally get focused, organized, and motivated!

After a few months with me, my clients are kicking some serious, um… gluteus maximus in their lives.

As a result my schedule is jam packed with private clients, and since the supply of Dana is limited, but demand for Dana is high

If you want to work privately with me you need to be ready to write a check for $2800.

That being said, there are only a handful of people that can afford to work with me; usually high-powered executives or established entrepreneurs earning high salaries.

It’s rewarding work, and I really love it, but the problem with this model is…

“My help is out of reach for most with ADHD.”

The sad truth is that many adults with ADHD are under-earners and the $2,800 fee to work with me might as well be $2,800,000.

This is because with ADHD running the show it’s harder to finish school….

Harder to hold down a job (much less get promoted)…

Harder to do be consistent with the day-to-day tasks it takes to build a successful career.

So I decided to create a group coaching program that cost a fraction of 1-on-1 coaching so I could help more people.

“The result is called The ADHD Success Club and here’s how it can totally transform how you live with ADHD!”

ADHD Success Club

How The ADHD Success Club Can Help You With Your Challenges:

Control Your ADHD Symptoms

Put An End to Procrastinating

Accomplish your Priorities

Establish Realistic Routines

Clear Clutter With Practical Skills

Stop Being Late

Reduce Brain Fog & Overwhelm

Never Get Caught Unprepared Again

Why Does the ADHD Success Club Work?

Successful business people
  • It’s thorough. My 50 module curriculum covers all aspects of organizing, time management, and ADHD symptom management.
  • It’s practical. These are time-tested structures, systems, and techniques I’ve used to help my clients build successful lives.
  • It provides mega support and accountability. There are ample opportunities during the calls to ask questions and get coaching. Accountability is built into each module to keep you focused and moving towards your goals.
  • It’s flexible. Although we do everything live, it’s all recorded so you don’t have to fret about missing a thing. You can choose between morning or or evening classes (see times under The Schedule below).
  • It’s a community. The secret power of the Success Club is your connection with other members who struggle with ADHD, too. We learn from each other, hold each other accountable and give compassionate support on and off the calls.

Members of the ADHD Success Club Include…

Stay at Home Moms and Dads

It’s all so overwhelming…

The daily homework plus book reports and science projects, sports and dance practice, play dates, birthday parties, parent teacher conferences, the list goes on and on.

You’re trying your hardest but you know your ADHD is having a negative effect on your family.

“Because YOU FORGOT I was the only kid without a ______ today!”

Professionals & Entrepreneurs

The modern working environment can make anyone feel ADHD.

It’s coming at you from a 100 different directions all the time and you need to stay focused to keep up.

But how many times have you showed up late, spaced out during a meeting, or lost an important piece of paper?

You know it’s only a matter of time before your ADHD is discovered and your boss (or client) fires you.


You thought retirement would be easy street, but it’s turning out to be more challenging than you realized.

Without any structure or a schedule you can’t seem to get going on those retirement adventures you dreamed about for decades.

The spare bedroom, basement, attic, and garage are so crammed full of stuff you’re terrified a curious visitor will open a door to discover your messy secret.

Ready to Get On The Road Towards a Better Life?

What You’ll Learn in the ADHD Success Club

The ADHD Success Club provides on-going, step-by-step training in the essential ADHD success skills.

The Three Pillars of ADHD Success:


ADHD Organizing Mastery

Clutter and disorganization do more than look messy. They waste time, increase stress, and trash your self-confidence. Disorganization is one of the key ADHD frustrations. Imagine how less stressful life will be when you’re organized. When you create a positive, energizing working and living environment.

ADHD Organizing Mastery Key Results…

  • Build a provenADHD-friendly organizing system for both work and home
  • Learn practical clutter clearing and organizing skills to slash overwhelm
  • Stop doing the #1 thing you do every day that guarantees your office and home will be disorganized
  • Learn my foolproof system that make it super easy to put things away
  • Learn sneaky ways to keep the clutter from oozing back into your life
  • Never be confused by what to do with a piece of paper again


ADHD Time Mastery

To be fully productive ADHD adults must master 11 time and task management skills. In the Success Club we’ll weave these skills into a practical, ADHD-friendly time management system that you can use at work and at home. Life is less stressful and more successful when you have your tasks, time, and priorities under control!

ADHD Time Mastery Key Results…

  • Stop procrastinating and get started with my popular Procrastination Zapper
  • Eliminate your chaotic, never ending task list(s)
  • Learn the essential tool you need to stop forgetting to do basic stuff
  • Discover the trick to accomplishing your priorities
  • Learn to think ahead so you never get caught unprepared again
  • Establish realistic routines you will stick to
  • Capture your good ideas without letting them pull you off task


ADHD Brain Mastery

The fact is ADHD is a BRAIN problem. You have to get your brain working to support you before you can get stuff done. Fortunately, there are lots of natural things you can do that don’t rely on medication. What would life be like if you ran your show instead of your distracted, impulsive brain?

ADHD Brain Mastery Key Results…

  • Reduce brain fog and overwhelm and balance your energy and your ability to focus
  • Follow my simple ADHD-friendly diet for optimal brain functioning
  • Stop being late to work and appointments
  • Boost your ability to get the exercise you and your brain need
  • Understand exactly what you need to do to get enough sleep
  • Follow clear, natural strategies to make your brain work better so you can control your ADHD symptoms – with or without medication

Only $197 per Month

The Schedule

Here’s What You’ll Get Every Week

Skills Training Call


3:30 – 4:30 PM Pacific (4:30 MST, 5:30 CST, 6:30 EST)

Live. Recorded. Our week’s topic will be presented and explained in easy steps with Laser Coaching and a Q & A to answer your questions and to clarify your situation.

Action Call


3:30 – 4:30 PM Pacific (4:30 MST, 5:30 CST, 6:30 EST)

Live. Recorded. Here’s where you practice what you learned in Tuesday’s training. Dana will be on the phone to encourage and guide you and the other club members. To answer your questions and hold you accountable.

The Curriculum

There are 50 modules in the program. ADHD impacts all areas of your life. My goal for you is total transformation. Changing how you walk in the world as an adult with ADHD. Once we work through all 50 modules we’ll start again at the beginning.

Training topics rotate between ADHD Organizing, ADHD Time Mastery, and ADHD Symptom Mastery. This balances the work so you can keep up with minimal effort.

In The ADHD Success Club you’ll master how to…

  • Finally stop forgetting things
  • Organize those $%^&* notes on your desk
  • End procrastination… once and for all!
  • Boost your brain naturally
  • Set goals and get them done
  • Maximize your medication
  • Tame your task list
  • Be on time EVERY time
  • Get your brain going in the morning
  • Set yourself up for amazing sleep
  • Create an amazing life built on your strengths


How Does The ADHD Success Club Work?

I am thrilled you asked! The ADHD Success Club is an on-going training, coaching, and accountability program. You’ll learn a new skill or concept each week. There’s no long-term contract. You stay in the program as long as you find value.

The goal is for you to learn the skills and build the habits you need to totally transform how you live with ADHD.

The perfect balance of training, coaching, and support providing:

  • Skills Training Session: 1 hour a week. Live and interactive led by Dana. Access from any telephone or internet connection.
  • Action Calls: 1 hour a week. Provides accountability, answer questions, and a set time to practice the skills you’re learning.
  • Recordings of the training calls in case you had to miss ibe or want to listen again.
  • Handouts and downloadable materials for each call
  • Ample Q & A and coaching opportunities to answer your questions and guide your progress
  • Judgement-free support and motivation from a community of people who fully understand your struggles
  • Paced with ample time to practice everything you learn as you go along

learn the skills and build the habits you need to totally transform how you live with ADHD.

How Much Does it Cost?

Ready for this? $197 per month. If you’ve priced expert coaching, that’s an incredible deal.

The fee is payable by Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Your credit card will be entered into my airtight, secure system and automatically processed each month.

No, you can’t pay by check. No, you can’t use Paypal. I can’t keep the program great for you if it isn’t easy for me to manage.

*Your subscription will be automatically renewed each month unless you cancel.

How Is This Different From Private Coaching with Dana?

The obvious difference is the number of people on the phone at one time. You and me vs. you and many. Keep reading though…

The ADHD Success Club uses the same great material and techniques my private clients pay hundreds of dollars more for each month. But, because there is a group learning together, Success Club members get a hefty price break.

Success Club members still get coaching from me on the calls to work through particular situations. You can ask me questions during the Q & A and between calls in the Secret Facebook Group.

Frankly, I think the Success Club is WAY better than private coaching. I can teach you what I know you need to know without getting pulled off on tangents.

You learn a lot from listening as I coach others in the group. And, the really great part? You have a community. You’re not alone struggling with ADHD. You’re suddenly part of an ADHD family dealing with much of the same stuff you are.

Results between The Success Club members and Private Coaching Clients are the same. Show up. Do the work. You’ll get results.

Who Leads The Calls?

I’m there for 99% of them. On my rare vacations, I’ll bring in an expert in a particular topic to cover the week. Or if I’m so ill I can’t think or talk. You’re stuck with me most of the time, though.

To be honest, I have control issues when it comes to what my clients are taught. I want you to hear things from me.

Are The Calls Live?

Yes. I’m there lively and perky for the weekly Training Sessions and the weekly Action Calls. The only recordings are the ones you can download after each session for your very own.

How Long Do I Have To Be a Member of the ADHD Success Club?

I leave this up to you. I highly recommend you try it for a minimum of three months. Change takes time. The longer you are a member the better results you’ll get.

But, if you start it and hate it or hate me (I’m crushed at the thought) you can drop after one month. Just send me an email. No questions asked.

This is an on-going group that has no beginning or end. Kind of like an infinity scarf. When we finish after 51 weeks we start again from the beginning. You can be a member as long as you like.

I Have Not Been Diagnosed With ADHD. Can I Still Attend?

Yes! Whether ADHD is diagnosed or suspected you are welcome to join. Please have enough control over your symptoms that you are able to function. You don’t need to be on medication either. About half the people in the program are officially diagnosed and medicated. The other half aren’t.

What If The Training Doesn’t Help Me?

The Success Club has an iron clad guarantee. I want you to get your money’s worth. I want you to be successful.

Still, this may not be the right program for you. If you have joined the calls and done the work but don’t feel like you’ve gotten value after 30 days of joining, simply email me. Your previous month’s membership will happily be refunded. No questions asked.

Does It Matter If I Sign Up After The Start Date?

It doesn’t matter one bit. The Success Club is designed to be an on-going group. Join anytime, if you wade in mid-stream you have access to recordings of all the previous modules. You may need to go back and listen to an earlier module, but even the gang that started at the beginning do that. There is a ton of great material!

What Happens If I Miss A Call?

It’s really not a problem. Except that your fellow Success Club members and I will miss you.

A couple of hours after your session’s call ends you’ll get an email with a link to the recording. Download the call and listen at your leisure.

Some people play the calls over and over during the week. I’m especially popular to listen to during commutes. Much more positive than the news, that’s for sure.

How Do I Know The Success Club Will Work For Me?

Well, you don’t. But, what’s your choice? Keep struggling or give it a shot. Do nothing and where will you be? Exactly where you are now, but with even more clutter and frustration.

I can tell you that two-thirds of the people who join the Success Club are changing their lives for the better.

Why just today I got this email from the wife of one of the members, “You are awesome. I am such a fan.  THANK YOU for making this world a better place!”

How Many People Are On The Call At Once?

Not a lot. I purposely keep the numbers small. Usually 15 – 20 members make each call. That’s a great number. Enough to have good energy and few enough that you can get any questions answered and get some coaching.

We get to know each other. We build relationships. I promise you will never be just a number.

I Am Incredibly Shy. Do I Have To Talk On The Calls?

No, of course not. I want you to be comfy and happy. You can quietly listen to a year’s worth of calls without ever saying a word. Some people have lurked quietly on every call and I’ve never heard them talk.

I’ll never call on you unless you raise your hand. Please know, this is a very safe place. A truly supportive group. Some people have lurked quietly on every call and I’ve never heard them talk.

Does It Make Sense To Join If I Can’t Make It To The Live Calls?

That’s a great question. It’s hard to find a time that works for everyone. If you’ll listen to the recordings, even if you’re not joining the live calls, you’ll be fine. Quite a few Success Club members take the program just by listening to the recordings. They email their questions to me, and I answer them during the live call. That way they can listen to the answer during the recording.

If you’ll listen to the recordings, even if you’re not joining the live calls, you’ll be fine. That’s how quite a few Success Club members take the program.

They email their questions to me, and I answer them during the live call. That way they can get their answer when they listen to the recording.

I’ve done this for group programs I’ve joined and it’s worked well. The trick is putting appointments on your calendar to set aside time to listen.

Not sure? Try it for a month or two. You can stop your membership if it doesn’t work for you. The last thing I want for you is frustration!



Who Shouldn’t Join The ADHD Success Club?

The ADHD Success Club is a skills training program. It provides training on skills such as organizing, time management, and controlling ADHD symptoms.

It is for ADHD adults (or people who suspect they have ADHD) ready and able to focus on building their own ability to succeed at work and at home.

This is NOT counseling. You need to be able to function and take action to be a member of this program.

We will not cover:

  • Parenting Skills. Though the know-how you build will help you provide a more structured and supportive home for your ADHD children.
  • Study Skills. This program is NOT for teens or college age students. Adults who are working while continuing their education are welcome and will benefit from better planning and time management.
  • Relationship Skills. This program is not a substitute for marriage counseling. However building stronger ADHD life skills can reduce marital strife.
  • Emotional Therapy. This program is NOT a replacement for therapy or counseling. Join only if you have healed the emotional damage caused by ADHD enough that you can take action. If you are so depressed that you can’t take action, please get help first.

Please email me using the Contact Form on this website if you have any questions.

Does The Success Club Help At Work or Home?

Success Club members tackle ADHD at both work and home. Most of the skills are transferrable. We have an eclectic mix of people in the group, but it works. Business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and stay at home moms / dads. You’ll learn skills that apply to both work and home situations. After all, ADHD is a 24/7 deal. Since it impacts all areas of life you need to be able to outsmart it in all areas of life.

I’m Taking Another Coaching Program. Should I Join The Success Club?

It’s best if you not join while in another long-term coaching or training program. You’ll struggle if you have too much on your plate. Finish up what you’re involved in or make a full switch to the Success Club if you feel ADHD is blocking your progress in the other program. I’m happy to talk it over with you if you’d like. I want what works best for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have joined the calls and done the work but don’t feel like you’ve gotten value after 30 days of joining simply contact Dana. Your previous month’s membership will happily be refunded. No questions asked.

What Members Say About the Success Club

  • I love the success club! It has given me hope that I can live a life free of shame and regret. Dana has helped me really accept that ADHD is a neurological condition and not a character disorder. Working with a group of like-minded individuals has allowed me to develop more empathy for myself. The skills I am learning are truly invaluable. Hearing about Dana's personal journey has inspired me and knowing she has been down the same path but has learned how to become a success gives her the credibility necessary to be my coach. I really believe she gets it!

    Janet Orange County, CA
  • Thanks, as always, for your time in creating the Success Club and helping us all to find solutions to our perplexing problems! Honestly, I feel I’ve obtained more constructive awareness and learned more needed behavior modifications in the past few months than I’ve gotten over many years of personal Therapy with supposed “ADD Aware” Therapists!  I just can’t say enough about how beneficial this has been for me!

    Mark New York
  • I just wanted to let you know how important your program continues to be for me. I love the results I've gotten. It's been no less than life-changing for me and the investment (of money and my time) are totally worth it!  I finally feel like my confidence is back again - something I haven't felt in many years.

    Diane Phoenix, AZ
ADHD Success Club

Get Started On Your Journey to An Easier Life!

Are you ready to reach your goals and create the calm and successful life you’ve always dreamed of? I invite you to join me in this exciting group program today.

Only $197 per Month

The ADHD Success Club is an on-going training & coaching group.
The longer you participate the better your results. We recommend active participation in the group for a minimum of three months to begin to experience real changes in your life.

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