Hi! My Name is Dana Rayburn. I’m what’s called an ADHD coach. 

I’ve been Working on Changing The World One ADHD Adult At A Time

Determined to Fullfill My Mission…

To Help 10,000 ADHD Adults To Live More Successfully With ADHD


Because I have a driving, passionate belief that people with ADHD are unique and gifted. That the world needs our creativity and ideas.

But, until we get our act together; until we can do things like focus and follow-through, our creativity and ideas will remain buried. Often under piles of lists and paper and other assorted clutter.

Did you notice I used the word WE?

Yes, I have ADHD, too. And that is why I became an ADHD coach twenty years ago.

In fact, I think of my ADHD as my secret weapon.

Now that it’s extremely well-managed, it makes me a better ADHD coach. More practical and empathetic. I get ADHD. I know what’s realistic and what’s not.

My clients benefit from real life strategies, systems, and skills. Things I’ve actually used with people and know they work. This experience is priceless as I do not have to solely rely on concepts I’ve read in a book or observed in someone else.  My techniques and tools are tested real world strategies.

For those of you that like this kind of thing, you can check out my professional background.

My Life Outside of Work

My adult life has been pretty amazing.

In 1989 my husband and I sold our house in Hermosa Beach, CA, left our cushy corporate jobs and traveled for a year through the USA and Europe. We mostly camped. Living out of our Toyota pickup truck in the States and an ancient VW van in Europe. Even took a freighter through the Panama Canal.

We settled in beautiful southern Oregon. Now I live and work on a hillside overlooking sheep farms and pear orchards (that other people get to take care of) with my ever-so-patient husband, our too-smart teenage daughter, and two rascally dogs.

I’m a Master Gardener and a lapsed Rotarian (couldn’t sit through the meetings). I sing at the bedside of hospice patients as a member of the Threshold Singers of Southern Oregon. I play the ukulele, downhill and Nordic ski, practice distracted yoga, read a lot, and watch Doctor Who whenever I get a chance.

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