Private ADHD Coaching

Get the Guidance You Need to Control Your ADHD Symptoms.


Improve your self-confidence and peace of mind


Gain more time in your schedule


Build productivity and organizing skills

Do You Struggle to Follow Through on Your Goals?

Most people with ADHD have to put in extra work to accomplish big things in life.

  • Time slips away from you
  • Disorganization and distractions sabotage your progress
  • Tasks don’t get checked off your list
  • Procrastination blocks your pat
  • Shame takes over your life
  • You can’t reach your potential
You deserve practical training and support to help you thrive and succeed.

Get Personal Attention and Guidance on Your Specific ADHD Symptoms and Issues

I’ve Been Helping Business People Succeed with  ADHD Since 1998

I get it. I have ADHD, too. I know firsthand how it feels to struggle with ADHD symptoms, and what it’s like to dream of life being easier.

  • I felt hopeless — afraid life wouldn’t get any better
  • Frustrated that took me so long to do the basic things that other people seemed to be about to blaze through
  • Overwhelmed with busted deadlines and clutter
  • Anxious that people would notice how out of control I was. Could I keep my job?
  • Just couldn’t get the important stuff done

I spent years learning how to outsmart my ADHD so I can live to my full potential.

My transformation has been so powerful that I’ve made it my mission to teach other adults with ADHD how to have more successful and effortless lives, too.

That’s why I became an ADHD Coach.

Over the years, through writing, training, and coaching I’ve taught hundreds of ADHD adults the skills they need to be more productive and organized at work and at home.

Are you ready to reach your potential, too?

Reach Your Goals. Achieve Your Potential. Outsmart Your ADHD.

ADHD is brain-based. With Private ADHD Coaching, you get a clear picture of your own condition and learn to manage it with the right tools and skills.
Together, during our phone or video conference coaching sessions, we take an in-depth look at your ADHD and situation and develop an action plan to attack your specific challenges. Gradually, we craft the processes and skills you need to live a productive and satisfying life.
Following my exclusive ADHD Success System, you receive concrete action steps at the end of each coaching call. Plus, we connect by text messages and emails between coaching sessions to hold you accountable.

What You’ll Learn with Private ADHD Coaching


ADHD Success Skills Tool Kit

  • Understand exactly what you need to do to have an ADHD-friendly life.
  • Learn how to stop procrastinating and start doing what’s important.
  • Develop the essential skills for staying productive and on track.
  • Discover the most important things every ADHD adult must do to be successful.

Organized with ADHD

  • Build a proven, ADHD-friendly organizing system for both work and home. 
  • Slash shame and frustration with practical clutter clearing skills. 
  • Get organized so you easily stay organized and keep the clutter from oozing back. 
  • Be able to quickly find what you need when you need it.

Paper Mastery

  • Build practical file systems that work the way you think. 
  • Get rid of paper clutter, random notes, and confusion at work and at home. 
  • Make your desk your foundation of productivity and focus. 
  • Develop strategies for quickly handling the mail.

Get Stuff Done

  • Learn the ADHD Success Productivity System. 
  • Eliminate your chaotic, never-ending task list(s), and build a realistic schedule you can follow. 
  • Remember to do basic stuff. Focus on your priorities. 
  • Start thinking ahead so you never get caught unprepared again. 
  • Control distractions and boost motivation.

Master Your Day

  • Establish realistic routines to guide you calmly from morning to bedtime. 
  • Get to work and appointments on time. 
  • Have a productive start to your day. 
  • Build a framework for productive, yet relaxing evenings.

Focused and On Fire

  • Learn clear, natural strategies to control your ADHD symptoms – with or without ADHD medication.
  • Improve focus and motivation. 
  • Reduce brain fog, impulsivity, and overwhelm. 
  • Balance your energy and your emotions.

In each Private Coaching session, you can select from a menu of topics to tackle, like:

  • End Procrastination Now
  • Tame Your Task List
  • Free from Paper Clutter
  • Organized with ADHD
  • Building Productive Days
  • Priorities Matter
  • Live Clutter Free
  • ADHD Money Matters
  • Building a Strength Focused Life
  • Tackling Email Clutter
  • Building a Focused Brain

I’d like to say thank you for all that you have done for me. Your guidance has helped me a great deal with my ADD issues and I’m grateful for it

Kyra, Connecticut

The ADHD Success Club led by Dana Rayburn has been life changing for me. The Success Club, which meets twice a week, has provided me an opportunity to dig deep and learn about both basic and complex aspects of ADHD with like-minded ADHD adults. Dana Rayburn, who herself has ADHD, not only “talks the talk,” but she also “walks the walk”.

Grace, Alabama

Executive function is essential in creating and sustaining a meaningful life. The success club offers a way to recognize what holds us back from manifesting our possibilities. This is more than the tips and tricks we need; more essential than that; a vision of how we could be if not ruled by these inadequacies. Doing this as a group creates a community of mirrors to give an opportunity to laugh and cry at our limitations and celebrate our overcoming them! I highly recommend this journey!

Kira, MA

ADHD Shouldn’t Stand Between You and Your Potential

You already know what it’s like to be swamped by the overwhelm of ADHD. Neglecting your most important priorities. Making excuses. Getting sidelined by distractions. Being frustrated by how you use your time. Ashamed of how you live.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.

I invite you to take a different path.

A Unique and Powerful Coaching Program for Do-ers with ADHD


  • Two 40-minute private coaching sessions with Dana each month: Get personalized, private training and focused strategies on an essential ADHD Success skill.
  • Accountability: Regular text check-ins and support between calls.
  • Membership in the ADHD Success Club: A library of training recordings to listen to at your convenience. Weekly group training / coaching calls.
  • Convenient: Meet by phone or Zoom.
  • Personalized: Select where to focus your coaching sessions from a menu of topics.
  • Action-Oriented. Finish each coaching session with an action list to complete before the next call.


Payable by credit card
A four-month minimum is requested

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I’ve Been Helping People Outsmart Their ADHD Since 1998

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