Get organized and live clutter free 

It IS possible with ADHD!



Reduce shame


Organize like a boss


Find peace and calm

Do you want to be more organized…

live free of clutter…

avoid the hidden costs of disorganization…

but ADHD is Sabotaging Your Efforts?

Do you feel…

Overwhelmed that you can’t find what you need when you need it

Drowning in a sea of paper, knick knacks, unused items and memories you are afraid to toss away

Discouraged… you know life would be so much better if you could only focus and be organized

Frazzled from struggling to meet deadlines and keep commitments

Frustrated because the chaos prevents you from getting things done 

Worried that others will discover how disorganized and inefficient you are

Let’s leave these negative feelings behind and be Clutter-Free with ADHD!

I’ve Been Helping People Get Organized With ADHD Since 1998

I get it. I have ADHD, too. I know firsthand how it feels to struggle with ADHD symptoms, and what it’s like to dream of life being easier.

I felt hopeless. Overwhelmed with clutter and chaos at work and at home. Constantly afraid someone would discover how disorganized I really was.

I spent years learning how to be organized with ADHD. Pulling apart my out-of-control life. Slowly rebuilding it piece by piece with sustainable systems and strategies to clear clutter at work and home.

The Clutter-Free with ADHD Virtual Training Course Helps You BE Organized

Clutter-Free with ADHD is a virtual (phone and internet) group training program for adults who are ready to learn how to tackle clutter.
In this online ADHD program, you get direct access to me, ADHD Coach Dana Rayburn. I guide you through the practical systems I’ve created (and perfected) that helped me clear the clutter from my life. I’ve used these same techniques for years with all kinds of people who struggle to stay focused and be organized.


You’ll get support to start banishing the clutter from your life. Plus, learn the essential skills and habits every ADHD adult needs to know to be successful, organized, and clutter-free.

Clutter and Disorganization Do More Than Look Messy

They waste time, increase stress and frustration, and trash your self-confidence. Imagine living and working in a clutter-free, energizing environment where you can quickly find what you need when you need it. And not be ashamed of how you live!

What You’ll Learn

Live Clutter-Free

  • Build a proven, ADHD-friendly clutter clearing system for work and home
  • Learn practical clutter-clearing and organizing skills to slash overwhelm
  • Stop doing the #1 thing you do every day that guarantees your office and home stay disorganized
  • Learn my foolproof system that makes it super easy to put things away
  • Learn sneaky ways to keep the clutter from oozing back into your life

Free From Paper Clutter

  • Never be confused by what to do with a piece of paper again
  • Develop strategies for quickly handling the mail
  • Build practical file systems that work the way you think
  • Learn how to convert your desk to a productivity paradise

Understand How Your ADHD Increases Clutter

ADHD is brain-based. Not a personal failure. *cue big sigh of relief*

In Clutter-Free with ADHD, you discover the tools you need to leverage your unique brain so you can organize your life, home and office. 

This program is designed for adults with ADHD. You don’t need to pretend you’re paying attention while you’re actually distracted or daydreaming. 

Plus, get access to a supportive community of peers with ADHD who know exactly what you’re going through.

You have brought tremendous peace into my life. My family constantly comments how much calmer I am. Everyone, including my mother. I feel it too. My life has more structure, my adhd has more scaffolding. My home is tidier and more clutter free. I wish you the best in 2021! And thank you for the peace you’ve brought into my life!

A. L., Santa Monica, CA

Your Clutter-Free class has worked! For the first time since I can remember I have our taxes done before the deadline. I won’t have to file an extension.

Priscilla, Louisiana

I found gift cards I’ve “saved for later,” I’ve found checks from Christmas that I deposited now, and I’ve returned skincare products that no longer worked and got money back. This class has more than paid for itself for me (like 10 times over).

Abby, California

Who is Clutter-Free with ADHD For?

Clutter-Free with ADHD is for adults. Women and men. Business professionals and owners. Working parents. Empty-nesters and stay-at-home parents. Retirees. 

The only requirement is for you to be an adult with ADHD (or ADHD like symptoms) determined to build an easier ADHD life.

What You Get

  • Weekly Skills Training with Coaching. Live, 60-minute, virtual (telephone) training and coaching session each week. Dana teaches you essential ADHD life skills. It’s interactive to help you stay engaged. Time reserved to get coaching on your personal situation.
  • Weekly Q&A and Discussion. Have a question? Each weekly training session includes time for you to ask your questions and discuss key points.
  • Downloadable Recordings of Each Session. Available shortly after the call in case you missed the session or want to listen again. These recordings are yours to keep.
  • Members-Only Site. Get access to guidebooks, call recordings, and resources.
  • Weekly Guidebooks. Key concepts and homework for each week’s training session.
  • Complete Confidentiality and Safety. Learn and build skills in a safe and respectful community. What happens in the program stays in the program.
  • 7 weeks of content and training and 1 Implementation Week to give you time to put your new skills into action.

When is the Clutter-Free with ADHD Program?

Held Tuesdays - February 9 through March 30


11am-12pm Pacific

(12-1pm Mountain, 1-2pm Central, 2-3pm Eastern)

Do not get hung up on the time!

All calls will be recorded and you will be able to download and save them. 


Join the Clutter-Free with ADHD Program Now

Stop letting your ADHD disorganization prevent you from living your life. Master your ADHD (and your clutter) starting today!

$ 395

    • Program provides 7 modules of the Tuesday Training sessions and 1 Implementation Week.
    • This includes telephone or internet access to the live 60 minute Tuesday Training calls, with Q&A, Coaching and discussion.
    • Downloadable recordings of each training call so you can keep them forever.
    • Membership site access to the training call materials, and recordings.