The Essential Home Filing Blueprint

Is Your Home Filing System a Disorganized Joke?

That’s too bad. Because a disorganized filing system is no laughing matter.

A failing file system is a sure source of frustrating paper clutter. How can you put papers away when you can’t figure out where they belong?

Paper clutter makes life harder than it has to be. It increases stress and distracts you. Clutter melts your focus. It makes you feel bad about yourself.  Disorganized files cause family feuds and frustration.

But, as emotionally draining as they are, stress and frustration are the least of my concerns when it comes to disorganized home filing systems.

My Big Worry About Disorganized Home Filing Systems?

A messy, out-of-control home filing system puts your family at risk. Imagine if there were an emergency and no one could find the insurance documents? The medical records? The phone numbers of important contacts?

Or, God-forbid, a house fire destroyed your essential, irreplaceable documents. Documents that need to be in a safe deposit box but instead you keep stashed in your office.

Forgive me for being gloomy. But, you can’t imagine how annoyed I get when people laugh about their disorganized filing system. I get it. Filing systems aren’t a sexy topic. But they sure are an important one.

The Good News? Having an Organized Home Filing System Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard!

In all the years I’ve been helping people get organized I’ve uncovered the real reason people suffer messy, non-existent filing systems. It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because they’re confused.

Most people simply don’t know how to create a home filing system that’s logical and easy to use. A filing system that makes it easy to quickly put papers away. A filing system that’s so intuitive anyone can find the papers they need.

Let’s do something about that, shall we?

Introducing The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint

That’s why I wrote The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint as a companion piece to my book Organized For Life!. I want to make it easy for you to learn everything you need to know to create an easy-to-use filing system for your home. Having your papers and files in order will help you get organized more quickly.

The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint is a simple, clear, step-by-step guide to creating a home filing system.

In The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint you’ll learn:


  • Simple tricks to keep your files up-to-date
  • My common sense method of naming your files so you can quickly find papers when you need them.
  • Practical ways to store all those sentimental papers and photos
  • A quiz to help you decide what parts of your home filing system need the most help
  • If you really need a safe deposit box and what to keep in it
  • What files and supplies you need with The Essential Home Filing System Equipment checklist
  • What to do with old papers you rarely use but think you should keep 

The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint is a digital ebook that you’ll get instant access to so you can start enjoying it right away. 

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