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ADHD Programs

clutter free with adhd

Become Clutter Free!

Clutter Free with ADHD is an audio eCourse for adults who are ready to learn how to tackle clutter. I guide you through the practical systems I’ve created (and perfected) that helped me clear the clutter from my life. I’ve used these same techniques for years with all kinds of people who struggle to stay focused and be organized.

You’ll get the inside know-how to start banishing the clutter in your home or office so you live a successful, organized, and clutter free life.

Get the Foundations of ADHD Success

In this powerful online audio course – built for adults with ADHD – you’ll discover three main skills you need to be successful with ADHD.

With 3 modules divided into 15, ADHD-friendly parts, the Foundations of ADHD Success Audio Program starts you on that path. You’ll be guided by me, Dana Rayburn, while I teach you essential skills I wish I had known when I struggled with my ADHD.

clutter free with adhd
ADHD Success Club

ADHD Success Club

In this weekly online ADHD coaching group / live interactive podcast, I guide you through the proven systems and trainings I’ve created (and perfected) through decades of working directly with leaders and business professionals with ADHD, like you.

You’ll get support to live at your ADHD best and learn the essential skills and habits every ADHD adult needs to know to live more successful and effortless lives.

ADHD eBooks

Get Organized for Life!

Organized for Life! is designed to help disorganized people clear the clutter and chaos in as little as 15 minutes a day. The most remarkable part of the whole system is that using my program you will not only learn how to get organized with ADD, but you will find it easy to stay organized, too. Organized for Life! is jam packed with proven techniques to guide you step-by-step on your organizing journey. Techniques I’ve used over the years to get my ADD coaching clients and me organized so we stay that way.

The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint

The Essential Home Filing System Blueprint is a companion piece to my book Organized For Life!. I want to make it easy for you to learn everything you need to know to create an easy-to-use filing system for your home. Having your papers and files in order will help you get organized more quickly so you have what you need when you need it!
The essential of home filling system blueprint
Slay Your Spending Dragons

Slay Your Spending Dragons ebook

Spending Dragons. Those pesky things we buy impulsively. Spending Dragons seem to just swoop into your shopping cart and fry your budget. They also tip your scales into clutter and disorganization. More stuff marching into your house. Returns that never get processed. You know the drill. In short, Spending Dragons increase clutter, stress, and guilt. That’s why I’ve created this simple, 3-step battle plan to slay your spending dragons and rescue yourself from impulsive, ADHD spending.

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