Got ADHD? Managing Time ‘A-ha’

ADHD managing timeAs a Coach who has ADHD, managing my time is one of my highest priorities. It makes sense. If I don’t walk my talk, how can I help my clients?

I have Inattentive ADHD. Managing time wasn’t always as easy for me as it is now. In the bad old days I often frittered away precious hours.

What helped me become more productive? I had a ‘light bulb’ moment. I realized I’d been looking at managing time with ADHD all wrong.

My downfall? I’d been searching for a ‘one tool solves all’ time management solution.

A New Way to Think of ADHD & Managing Time

I suggest you think of managing time with ADHD as a jigsaw puzzle.  

The puzzle pieces are the tools and techniques for ADHD time management. Complete the puzzle and you have a picture of productive focus.

Each puzzle piece is important. Leave one out and you’ll have gaps in your ability to be productive with ADHD.

My ADHD Time Management Puzzle Pieces

  • Goals – I’m keenly aware of where I want my business to be, and what I need to do to get it there. I keep my goals front and center. Calling to me from a large whiteboard on my wall.
  • Priorities – Clarity on what’s important assures I focus my attention on the right stuff.
  • Planning – My days start with a quick planning session. I adjust my plan each week to be sure what I’m doing gets me to my goals.
  • Course Correction – Throughout my day I check-in to see if what I’m doing helps me reach my goals. If I’m off track I do what I must to get back on task. Yes, this was hard to remember to do at first, but it has gotten easier over time. Kind of like a muscle growing stronger with use. Using a timer helps a bunch.
  • ADHD-Friendly Task Management – A wild mess of neglected to do lists will only overwhelm you. I’ve found a task management system that works well. Most of my clients like it, too. In fact, I’m teaching it to the ADHD Success Club next week.

These are just a few of the puzzle pieces that help someone with ADHD manage time. At first glance it can look confusing. So much to pay attention to.

But, here’s the reality. It builds a tighter system. If one piece doesn’t fit your entire time management system doesn’t fall apart. You simply replace it with a piece that fits.

Managing my time takes attention and determination. Yet what’s my choice?

For years I was at the mercy of my whims and my ADHD. That’s a frustrating, demoralizing way to live. Now I make the time to manage my time. I refuse to be a victim of my ADHD. Managing time is my ticket to success.

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