Can’t Get Anything Done with ADHD?

Can’t get anything done with ADHD? You must be lazy right? WRONG!! When you have ADHD there are a few reasons you can’t get anything done. Usually, laziness isn’t one of them. What’s [...]

Getting Things Done with ADHD

Adult ADHD means sometimes you can’t play by the rules. We aren’t people who fit into convenient categories…especially when it comes to getting things done with ADHD. Here’s what I mean. [...]

A Simple ADHD Time Management Trick

Is your task list a mile long yet you do everything but what you need to do? Well, pay attention! Here’s an ADHD time management trick to get you moving on your priorities. Increasing ADHD [...]

How To Stop Being Late With ADHD

What’s the second most annoying ADHD symptom? If you’re desperate to stop being late, you already know! (In case you’re wondering, my ADHD coaching clients tell me the most [...]

Got ADHD? Managing Time ‘A-ha’

As a Coach who has ADHD, managing my time is one of my highest priorities. It makes sense. If I don’t walk my talk, how can I help my clients? I have Inattentive ADHD. Managing time [...]

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