I Want Peace, For Myself and You

I participated in the group coaching program of a top business coach a couple of years back. I’ll never forget what happened to me at one of her retreats. We were working on motivation, and [...]

Mastering Time

April is a big month for me. Favorite Husband and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. (Who knew I could stick with something for so many years. Not bored yet!) To celebrate we are taking a [...]

Was I Ever Struggling with ADHD

Before I tell you what I learned from my my week of struggling with ADHD, I owe you a big thank you. Your heartwarming emails after last week’s newsletter helped me so much. Thank you for [...]

Thoughts On Out of Control ADHD

If you have out of control ADHD you have lots of problems. You miss appointments. You’re late. You miss deadlines. You forget things. You lose things. You miss social cues. You let down [...]

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