In-flight Parachute Building ADHD Style

My favorite saying about ADHD is “we build our parachute after we jump off the cliff”. I mean that ADHD adults have a habit of starting things before thinking them through. We get an idea; often [...]

I Want Peace

I participated in the group coaching program of a top business coach a couple of years back. I’ll never forget what happened to me at one of her retreats. We were working on motivation, and [...]

ADHD Awareness…Really?!?

It’s ADHD Awareness Month. Don’t you find it silly to name something ADHD Awareness? I sure do. Adults with attention deficit are anything but aware. We flit through life blindly. [...]

5 Fabulous ADHD Blog Posts

Look at me! I’m a candidate in this month’s ADHD blog popularity contest. Instead of writing something new for you this week, I’m sharing other ADHD blog posts. Posts I’ve written or [...]

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