Was I Ever Struggling with ADHD

Before I tell you what I learned from my my week of struggling with ADHD, I owe you a big thank you. Your heartwarming emails after last week’s newsletter helped me so much. Thank you for [...]

Thoughts On Out of Control ADHD

If you have out of control ADHD you have lots of problems. You miss appointments. You’re late. You miss deadlines. You forget things. You lose things. You miss social cues. You let down [...]

I’m Addicted To My Phone

Its Sunday morning. The time I write the first draft of ADHD Success. I’m arranging my thoughts about how I want to stop being addicted to my phone. Google docs is open. I’m writing and focused, [...]

Is Cell Phone Addiction Real?

I have a confession to make. I am struggling to break my cell phone addiction. Just like Maya talked about in that ADHD Success Club blog post I shared with you last week. Just like many of my [...]

ADHD Awareness…Really?!?

It’s ADHD Awareness Month. Don’t you find it silly to name something ADHD Awareness? I sure do. Adults with attention deficit are anything but aware. We flit through life blindly. [...]

Is Acting ADHD Really So Bad?

My Favorite Husband has a saying he uses when I’m being scattered or impulsive. He gently puts his hand on my shoulder and calmly says, “Dana, you’re acting ADHD right now.” For years, after [...]

In-flight Parachute Building ADHD Style

My favorite saying about ADHD is “we build our parachute after we jump off the cliff”. I mean that ADHD adults have a habit of starting things before thinking them through. We get an idea; often [...]

Yes, Wendy. I Wrote Organized For Life

I just hung up from a call with a woman named Wendy. She’d just bought my Organized for Life! program and called with a question about the download. Wendy acted surprised when I answered [...]

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