My ADHD Journey — Part 3: Successfully Living with Adult ADHD

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living with adult adhdI know this might sound crazy, but I am thankful for my ADHD Journey and the opportunity I have living with adult ADHD. You see, it’s my story. It makes me unique. And I’ve had some pretty extraordinary experiences along the way.

After discovering I had ADHD, I finally had clarity and understood myself better. I also realized my ADHD doesn’t define me. I just have to approach life a bit differently.

Living Successfully with Adult ADHD

For instance, my newfound knowledge of ADHD clarified why some people struggled being organized. But, since I was a professional organizer, I’d been hired for a specific task – to help organize homes or offices.

So while I could see the patterns happening in my organizing clients, I realized they needed more than help clearing clutter. I knew I had to get more training before I could really help others like me make significant changes in their lives. To help them create the freedom and peace I was experiencing.

So, I dove in. I decided to become an ADHD coach.

I took two years of intensive coaching classes. Simultaneously attending Coach U for life coaching. And, Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s Optimal Functioning Institute for ADHD coaching. You might notice, I have a tendency to jump into things full force. (Of course, the ADHD coach training ended up taking two and a half years because it ran on ADHD time.)

Even with my coach training, it took me many years to learn to live successfully with my ADHD. As I’d done through my organizing business, I worked backwards. I developed a coaching program I used in my own life and applied with my clients. I wrote my book Organized for Life to help people get organized and stay organized.

ADHD Success Skills Matter

I believe what’s led to my success personally and as a coach is my ability to build practical systems. I can see how the pieces need to come together in order to find balance and success with ADHD.

The best part was when I realized I had what I call the “ADHD Success Skills” down to such a science, that I no longer thought of myself as a fraud, a failure, or disappointment. I actually had control over my life. I could trust myself to do what I needed to do when it needed to be done.

I had rewritten my image of myself. That hopeless, scary feeling of uncontrolled ADHD was a part of my past that would never return.

Instead, I knew I was a person who could put my potential out into the world. To effect change in ways that made me really excited. Now I can help others learn to live successfully with adult ADHD, developing the skills to lead the life they truly desire.

Yes, ADHD made my life difficult for many years. But, it has also given me amazing gifts. I’ve met people and had memorable moments I never would have had before my ADHD diagnosis. For this reason, I am truly thankful I get the opportunity of living with adult ADHD.


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