Tackling Email Clutter

A part of me thinks that the picture speaks for itself and no blog post is needed; however, that’s the ADHD brain, the one that hyperfocused and plowed through email all at once. When I have the [...]

ADHD Structures

I hope you enjoy Maya’s take on the Seven Essential ADHD structures. I am so pleased with her awareness. This is why I do what I do. To help ADHD adults change from the inside out. Good stuff! [...]

Effortless ADHD Travel

Living more effortless ADHD travel is a long-time goal for me. My family would tell you that the ‘old Dana’ rushed hysterically at the last minute before a trip. The ‘new Dana’ is much nicer to [...]

14 Sure Signs ADHD is Out of Control

Is your ADHD out of control? Do you ever think there has to be an easier, less-stressful way of living? You’re right – there is! And it starts with identifying what’s going on. Seeing [...]

I’m Addicted To My Phone

Its Sunday morning. The time I write the first draft of ADHD Success. I’m arranging my thoughts about how I want to stop being addicted to my phone. Google docs is open. I’m writing and focused, [...]