Organizing ADHD? Habits Matter

Good or bad you have ADHD habits. And, how organized you are is driven by your habits. Is you world calm or chaotic? Organized or cluttered? Look back at your ADHD habits. They matter. Let me [...]

It’s ADHD Awareness Month

That happy time of year when every good ADHD Coach is expected to beat the drums and spread the word about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I admit to being a cynic about ADHD Awareness Month. [...]

Ready to Clear ADHD Paper Clutter?

Paper clutter adds chaos everywhere! Papers piled on your desk. Your kitchen counter. In your briefcase. Random papers in files and folders. Maybe even laying around in your car. Yes, you need [...]

We Proved Her Wrong!

Four years ago, when I set out to create the ADHD Success Club, my coach told me I couldn’t do it. She said no one would sign up for such a comprehensive program. That people with ADHD would only [...]

2 Things I want for you and your ADHD

When I was about 19 years old I had an ‘aha’ moment. My life until then had been a struggle.  Never a stellar student, my first semester of college was a royal disaster. I suspected I was smart [...]

ADHD Success Club Thank You Page

Congratulations! You’re On Your Way to Success! Check Your Inbox For Your Welcome Email Your Welcome to The ADHD Success Club email has all the information you need to get set up in the [...]