The Now and Not Now of Adult ADD

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forget I'll forget

Living with Adult ADHD sometimes feels like I have a cosmic vortex in my head that sucks my ideas and enthusiasm into oblivion.

Let me explain.

This week I will be away for a relaxing week of vacation. If the weather is nice, I will be spending time hiking in the beautiful outdoors. Getting my garden ready. If it’s not, I will be reading, sleeping, watching Netflix…emphasis here is on relaxing.

I will not be sitting at my computer. Checking my calendar. Or worrying about work. In fact, this blog was written a week in advance so I could take the time off and shut all things work-related out of my brain. 

But vacations do come to an end. And I will be back at work after all that amazing relaxation.

And therein lies my problem.

[NOTE: I LOVE my work. So this is not a ‘darn, I have to go back to work???!! blog. It’s a ‘darn, my brain struggles with transitions’ blog.]

The Problem with Time Away

You see, when I’m totally away from my business for more than a few days, my focus on what I do and why I do it gets fuzzy. I forget my ‘why, who, what, when, how’…and bringing that all back into focus when I get home is hard to do.

Right now, before leaving on vacation, I’m enthused about my work. New ADHD coaching clients, the ADHD Success Club and the ebook I’m creating have me energized and on top of it all. I’m nicely focused and my brain is working great!

But I am leaving for a ten-day vacation and I know, when I am back at my computer and ready to get back to work, I won’t remember where I left off and where to start. Today I even caught myself thinking, “sometimes it doesn’t pay to take a vacation.”

And I want to be prepared for that but there’s a good chance I will forget I’ll forget.

I’ll forget I’ll forget what I’m excited about. I’ll forget I’ll forget what I’m working on. 

The trouble with ADHD is we forget we’ll forget. And even now, as I remember that I’ll forget to forget, I guarantee that if I don’t do something right NOW about it, I will forget tomorrow. 

And I will come back to work with an empty feeling and a blank sheet of paper in front of me. I will come back to work with no idea what I do for a living.

So before I take any kind of break from work, I need to clearly list what I’m working on and what I’ll do when I get back. I need to create a road map to get me back on track.

You see, when you have ADHD you live so in the moment. It’s a NOW and NOT NOW way of living.

To manage ADHD more easily you need to accept this. You need to prepare for when the exciting NOW becomes the NOT NOW and create ways to get back to the NOW when you want to.

You need a roadmap of reminders to pull you out of the ADHD vortex and back into a galaxy where you can accomplish what you intend to do.

So putting my blog ‘pen’ down and going right into listing the amazing things I’m working on and the fantastic people on my schedule so I’m ready to get right back into it when I’m back from all that relaxing!

I’d love to hear from you – how do you deal with forgetting you’ll forget?

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