The Strong Link Between ADHD and Diet

You know how filling your car with cheap gas leaves your engine pinging and knocking? The link between ADHD and diet isn’t far off. Eat the wrong foods, or don’t eat, and you will be more [...]

ADHD-friendly tax time? Really!

ADHD adults have a complicated relationship with tax season. Finding ADHD-friendly tax organizing tricks is one problem. Preparing that darn tax return is another. Of course, tax season is horrid [...]

ADHD Sucks. Now What?

ADHD sucks. So, what are you going to do about it? You could complain. Lots of people complain about their ADHD. There can be lots to complain about. “I can’t focus.”   “I [...]

The Risks of Misunderstanding ADHD

Misunderstanding ADHD makes life’s challenges even harder. You think  you’re doing something that makes ADHD easier to live with. The reality? You’re actually dropping a boulder on your foot. [...]

Are You Shoulding on Yourself?

Adults with ADD or ADHD should on themselves a lot. “I should be more organized“. “I should be able to file these papers.” “I should be more patient with my [...]