ADHD’s Odd Relationship with Time

ADHD’s odd relationship with time is real. It’s more than being late or time blind. This week we’re looking at  ADHD’s Now / Not Now approach to time management. Let me [...]

The Real Reason You Can’t Reach a Goal

If you’re thinking of setting some goals for 2018, please tread gently. Goal setting with ADHD can be tricky. You know this if you’ve tried but can’t reach a goal. Don’t avoid setting goals. [...]

Let’s Revolt Against the ADHD Tax

Paying the ADHD tax is an ugly reality for ADHD adults. Especially when support structures and awareness are weak. No, of course there’s not an actual tax on ADHD. I’m talking about the times we [...]

The Strong Link Between ADHD and Diet

You know how filling your car with cheap gas leaves your engine pinging and knocking? The link between ADHD and diet isn’t far off. Eat the wrong foods, or don’t eat, and you will be more [...]

ADHD-friendly tax time? Really!

ADHD adults have a complicated relationship with tax season. Finding ADHD-friendly tax organizing tricks is one problem. Preparing that darn tax return is another. Of course, tax season is horrid [...]

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