Are You Hiding Out of Control ADHD?

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May I be a tad crude? I’ve realized something. If you have out of control ADHD you have a lot in common with cats. Yes, cats.

When your ADHD is out of control you spend lots of energy hiding your messes. Not too different from how cats hide their messes in a litter box. (Or, the garden or sandbox. Ugh…)

Hiding this clutter here. Covering that missed deadline there. Slipping through life pretending like what you’ve done doesn’t smell like chaos.

Is your ADHD out of control? Heck, I don’t know. Only you, your loved ones, and co-workers can tell you that.

Fortunately, there is a strong clue that you need an easier way to live with ADHD.

Your words.

What you say to others, and, to yourself are your direct connection to how much your ADHD is snarling your life.

Clues Your ADHD is Out of Control

Do you say things like:

  • Don’t look at the mess!
  • Could you repeat that? I wasn’t paying attention.
  • Maybe no one will notice…
  • Sorry, I’m late!
  • I know it’s here somewhere…
  • Sorry! I should have it finished tomorrow.
  • Oops! I forgot.

Your words are your direct link to whether you’re struggling to cover your, um, tracks. A clear sign you’re trying to hide ADHD’s mayhem and chaos.

Here’s an ugly truth. Mayhem and chaos aren’t the worst part of having out of control ADHD. The guilt and shame are worse.

Knowing that you’re constantly letting down yourself and, the people you care about. It’s a frustrating way to live.

I understand what you’re up against. Before I discovered an easier way, I was an expert at covering my ADHD messes, too. I was often making excuses and living with shame.

This is why I’m passionate about teaching easier ways of living with adult ADHD. And, as life gets easier you become a different person. Less shame and frustration. More confidence and calm.

Yes, this takes work and determination. And, guess what? It’s not half as hard as living with out of control ADHD.

Are you ready to become an unstoppable ADHD Adult? Join the ADHD Success Club. It’s a community dedicated to building smart ADHD life skills. Practical organizing, simple time management, and sustainable ADHD symptom control. Living with ADHD shouldn’t be so hard.




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