Still Waiting to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Often people with ADHD give up on their dreams. I know I did for years. With ADHD snarling the details of life, reaching your dreams can seem impossible. After all, how can you expect [...]

Can Dehydration Increase ADHD Symptoms?

While I was waiting for a Berry Blast Smoothie at my favorite juice bar, I made a startling connection: dehydration may increase ADHD symptoms.   I noticed a small poster on the wall listing the [...]

When ADHD Shoulding Hits the Fan

Adults with ADHD should on themselves a lot, but then discover unpleasant side effects when ADHD shoulding hits the fan. Consider these familiar ADHD shoulding phrases: “I should be more [...]

Do You Stifle Your ADHD Personality?

Do You Stifle Your ADHD Personality? Everyone is unique, but often those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder are truly unconventional. To borrow from my favorite Thoreau quote, ADHD has us [...]

Was I Ever Struggling with ADHD

Before I tell you what I learned from my my week of struggling with ADHD, I owe you a big thank you. Your heartwarming emails after last week’s newsletter helped me so much. Thank you for [...]

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