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ADHD Coaching with Dana Rayburn

ADHD Coaching is fairly new on the scene so you might not know how coaching works or what to expect. After all, I’m one of the first coaches, and I’ve been doing this for ADHD skills trainingjust shy of 19 years.

That’s why I’ve put together this simple guide to my ADHD coaching services. I hope it answers your questions. If not, send me an email and I’ll happily fill in the gaps.

I offer two types of ADHD coaching:

  • Private, which is working with me one-to-one. You’ll find more information about this below.
  • The ADHD Success Club, my affordable, telephone, group coaching program. Top-notch ADHD skills coaching in a supportive atmosphere.

My coaching style is very action-oriented and practical. Designed to help adults learn a new way of living with ADD / ADHD.

Private ADHD Coaching with Dana Rayburn

Results – Client develops practical skills for living a more productive and successful life. My specialty is systems and productivity: time management and organizing at work and at home. My client also learn how to boost brain functions and key ADHD Life Skills. We follow my ADHD Mastery System – check out the modules here.

ClientsBusiness owners and professionals who want to stop struggling with ADHD and boost productivity at work and at home. An official ADHD diagnosis is not required.

Format – Coaching takes place via phone calls or Skype. Click here to learn what one of my clients says about why telephone coaching works.

Typical Session Structure – Check in on the client’s homework and progress. Detailed discussion and brainstorm on the week’s topic. Agree on homework and goals until the next session.

Between Sessions – Stay on track between ADHD coaching session with text and email.

Frequency – Three, 40-minute calls a month.

Coaching Life Span – You get the best result with a minimum of a 6-month commitment. The average client stays with this level of coaching for 18 – 24 months. Clients who have built a solid grasp of the skills may switch to a once-a-month Retainer Package.

Fee – 6 months of private ADHD coaching paid upfront is $2800 (no refund). Or automatic monthly payments via credit card for $525 a month. (The ADHD Success Club costs $197 a month.)

Are you serious about changing your relationship with ADHD? Are you willing and able to step up to ADHD coaching as described above? If so, you are welcome to schedule a Complementary Strategy Session to chat and explore if I’m the right ADHD coach for you. Contact me using this form and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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