Mastering Time

April is a big month for me. Favorite Husband and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. (Who knew I could stick with something for so many years. Not bored yet!) To celebrate we are taking a [...]

Are You Ignoring Your ADHD Symptoms?

You can’t control your ADHD if you are ignoring your ADHD symptoms. At least if you want to live easier with ADHD. Yet, I find lots of people don’t know how to manage their symptoms. Let’s remove [...]

Affordable ADHD Coaching

Did you know that reducing the cost of top-notch ADHD coaching has long been a goal of mine? It’s true! That’s why I’m excited to tell you about what’s up in the third season of the ADHD [...]

Love Notes for the ADHD Success Club

Here are some unsolicited emails I’ve gotten from ADHD Success Club members (or spouses) received in just the past week. The PM Success Club starts again from Module 1 in June. Picture your [...]

ADHD Success Can Be Yours Anytime

Are you like the woman who emailed me yesterday? Thinking you can’t join the ADHD Success Club because you missed the start date? I need to clear this up. You can join either session of the ADHD [...]

ADHD Group Coaching FAQs

ADHD group coaching is affordable ADHD coaching and it works. ADHD group coaching assures good coaching is available to everyone who needs it. And, that living with ADHD doesn’t have to be so [...]

Improving The ADHD Success Club

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re tired of struggling with ADHD. I’m tired of knowing you struggle. You’re sick of being disorganized. Fed up with doing everything but [...]

In-flight Parachute Building ADHD Style

My favorite saying about ADHD is “we build our parachute after we jump off the cliff”. I mean that ADHD adults have a habit of starting things before thinking them through. We get an idea; often [...]

ADHD Coaching Nuts & Bolts

ADHD Coaching with Dana Rayburn Are you wondering how ADHD coaching works? Since ADHD coaching is a fairly new idea lots of people have questions. I’ve been an ADHD coach for 19 years and [...]

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