How ADHD Coaching Can Help Improve Your Life

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Last week, we started talking about ADHD coaching and what an ADHD Coach does. So let’s get a bit more specific about how ADHD coaching can help you. 

Simple — By giving you actionable, achievable steps / tricks / tools / codes in every area of your life so you learn how to live easier with ADHD.

Actionable, achievable steps / tricks / tools / codes that can help you: 

…use the science of nutrition to get your ADHD functioning at its best level

…get things done and cross items off your task lists

…identify the best situations and scenarios that help your ability to focus

…tackle clutter in your home, work, inbox, and more

…stop procrastinating and ruminating

…manage your time so you’re not late and able to get things done

…organize just about everything!

…and so much more! 

Now sure, you could read a self-help book about ADHD to learn strategies to help you with time, organization, distraction, etc. Or listen to my Kick Some ADHD podcast. 

But one of the pieces that makes ADHD coaching so amazing is that it is a partnership with you, your coach, and your ADHD.

You see: My job as an ADHD life coach is to teach you how to be a master of your ADHD. 

Not just ADHD. Your ADHD.

ADHD is extremely personal and shows up differently for everyone. If you’ve tried to read those ADHD self-help books and found the strategies ineffective, it’s because those strategies weren’t designed for YOU.

So we start with understanding your ADHD. How it impacts you. What symptoms you want to manage. ADHD coaching is a targeted approach to help you run your life more smoothly.

Then we create strategies together that can help. Yes, I have some examples that I can offer but we figure out what will work for you. Then you go out in the world to try them. And the following session, you’re held accountable (with gentle non-judgment and kindness) to make sure you implement the strategies and we review what worked, what didn’t and tweak. 

Your ADHD coach is with you every step of the way!

And don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a coaching client has to say:

“Private coaching with Dana has been life changing. Thanks to Dana, I’ve learned how to overcome the ADHD habits that were holding me back from achieving my goals. Before working with her, I was unfocused, unorganized, and overwhelmed. Life is just so much easier now. Thank you, Dana!”

Thinking about ADHD coaching? Let me know.​


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