2 Things I want for you and your ADHD

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Living with Adult ADHD

When I was about 19 years old I had an ‘aha’ moment.

My life until then had been a struggle

Never a stellar student, my first semester of college was a royal disaster. I suspected I was smart but my grades sure didn’t show it. 

My family, friends, and teachers considered me an under-achiever. I had a reputation for amazing disorganization. I was also always late, forgetful, and couldn’t be counted on to keep my word or do what I needed to do. 

I can’t remember exactly what caused my epiphany. But, I do remember realizing one day that life didn’t have to be so darn hard. That if other people could be successful than I could too. 

There’s lots more to my story, but for now, it’s enough to say that I did what you might call a life reset. 

I decided to up my game. To figure out how to build a different life. A life where I’m organized. Focused on my goals and keeping my commitments. The life I now have.

The whole time I was guided by that driving idea: Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

Sure, there have been tough times. I’ve had my setbacks. It’s a been a slow, step-by-step progress. And, I stuck to it. This under-achiever proved to herself that she could follow through on things. Get stuff done.

I had another ‘aha’ in my mid-30s. That’s when I discovered my ADHD and realized that it was the root source of many of my problems. 

As I worked on reducing my ADHD symptoms, my driving idea morphed into living with ADHD shouldn’t be so hard! 

Today I’m thrilled to report that since learning how to manage my ADHD, life is pretty darn good. There’s little in it I would change. I’m especially excited to devote my work to truly helping other people escape the kind of trap I was in. 

That’s why I became an ADHD coach. Why I do the work I do. I don’t want you and your potential pummeled by your ADHD one more day. 

Because, when you avoid managing your ADHD, you set off a ripple effect of suffering? In your work, your home, and your family. And, you suffer, too. 

But, remember, living with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard.

This is why I want you to know about the ADHD Success Club. My virtual training program that compresses 20 years of the best ADHD training into workable, step-by-step modules. It includes action plans, accountability, and coaching all designed to make living with ADHD easier. 

Many members join again and again. They know the ADHD Success Club is more than just helpful ADHD skills training. They also come back for the support they get from me and the others in the ADHD Success Community. 

I’m determined. I want you to experience the peace and calm and limitless potential that I now enjoy every day. 

I want you to learn that living with ADHD can be easier. 

Don’t stay a hostage of your distraction and disorganization. Your ADHD isn’t going to get any better unless you do something about it. 


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