How To Stop Wasting Time Online

Wasting time online is a major problem for adults with ADHD. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, fantasy sports teams, online shopping, you name it. When you’ve got Adult ADHD, logging onto the [...]

Boosting ADHD Awareness

My favorite virtual ADHD awareness event of the year is coming up, and I encourage you to reserve your space right away. It’s the 9th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo  happening ONLINE from [...]

The ABC’s of ADHD Success

You probably already know what ADHD Success is. I talk about it so much though, that I thought I’d tell you what it means to me. In my view, ADHD Success is the goal. The holy grail of living [...]

Solid ADHD Systems to Help Adult ADHD

ADHD systems are a necessary structure to make life easier with attention deficit. The right systems will keep you organized. Reduce decisions and distractions. Solid ADHD systems will give you [...]

6 Steps to Handle ADHD Holiday Stress

Is it any surprise ADHD increases holiday stress? The holidays seem to stress out just about everybody. That’s why today I want to talk about how to control ADHD holiday stress.    First, let’s [...]

Simplify ADHD. Be a Good KISSer

Pretty good headline, eh? I thought about it first and then I figured I better write about ways to simplify ADHD to match. You’ve heard the acronym: KISS, right? It stands for Keep It Simple [...]

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