We Proved Her Wrong!

Four years ago, when I set out to create the ADHD Success Club, my coach told me I couldn’t do it. She said no one would sign up for such a comprehensive program. That people with ADHD would only [...]

2 Things I want for you and your ADHD

When I was about 19 years old I had an ‘aha’ moment. My life until then had been a struggle.  Never a stellar student, my first semester of college was a royal disaster. I suspected I was smart [...]

Best Tips for Picking an ADHD Coach

Is the thought of picking an ADHD coach overwhelming? To some people choosing an ADHD coach seems so hard that they procrastinate for months or even years. They wait until ADHD kicks them to [...]

How to Find the Right ADHD Coach

More and more adults are discovering they have ADHD. Even so, it can be tricky finding the right ADHD coach for adults. And, that means lots of adults with ADHD go without the help they need to [...]

How to Live Successfully with ADHD

Are you tired of struggling? Sick of feeling like you’ll never get life right? Pay attention. You’re about to discover my top secret for how to live successfully with ADHD. This trick [...]

Effortless ADHD Travel

Living more effortless ADHD travel is a long-time goal for me. My family would tell you that the ‘old Dana’ rushed hysterically at the last minute before a trip. Frantic and overwhelmed; snapping [...]