My ADHD Christmas Wish

Let’s make your season a little more merry and bright. Today I’m sharing my ADHD Christmas wishes for you. Wishes that have bubbled to the top of my mind lately. It all started last Friday when [...]

Overcoming Distractions Podcast

Do you like listening to podcasts? I do. I find the right podcasts interesting and inspiring. Distracting enough to shepherd me through boring activities without pulling me off task. A jolt of [...]

Build Your ADHD Awareness

Did you remember to sign up for the 8th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo? It’s The first week in October. If you wanted to but didn’t, do it right now before you forget. Here’s the link: ADHD [...]

Boosting ADHD Awareness

My favorite virtual ADHD awareness event of the year is coming up, and I encourage you to reserve your space right away. It’s the 8th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo happening from October 1st [...]

Free ADHD Events

With so much going on, I’m dedicating this week’s blog to filling you in about upcoming free ADHD events. Free ADHD Success Mini Master Class Videos – Starts May 23 Readers have been asking [...]

2 Terrific Tools to Boost ADHD Focus

Let’s continue our look at controlling ADHD distractions with a look at two terrific tools to boost ADHD focus. Audio tracks I use daily to be more productive and help me get started on tasks or [...]

Closing the Intention Gap 2016

Is your dream life buried under clutter, half-finished projects, and missed opportunities? You’ve got clear intentions to “get that stuff done” but you find yourself getting to [...]

ADHD Awareness Starts Here…

Did you remember to sign up for the 7th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo? It’s coming up the week of October 2nd – 8th. If you intended to but didn’t, do it right now, right here: ADHD Awareness [...]

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