ADHD Awareness Starts Here…

Did you remember to sign up for the 7th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo? It’s coming up the week of October 2nd – 8th. If you intended to but didn’t, do it right now, right here: ADHD Awareness [...]

An Inconvenient ADHD Misunderstanding

Lots of misunderstandings about ADHD are flying around out there. Often what you see is not what you get. What’s visible is the opposite of what’s happening beneath the surface. Over the next few [...]

ADHD Skills Training Leads to Success

If you missed my last blog, I want to make sure you know about my new, affordable ADHD skills training program.  (You can read the last blog here) The ADHD Success Club offers live, step-by-step [...]

ADHD Skills Training Programs

Here’s your ADHD skills training programs and event announcement for this week. Would you like to help me spread the word about ADHD skills training programs and events? If you know of one [...]

How to Make Life Easier With ADHD

There’s lots to learn to make life easier with ADHD. Organizing and time management skills. Brain boosting habits. Those things are important. But, they’re not enough. You also need to [...]

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