ADHD Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting!

Whether you have ADHD or a loved one does, it can feel downright tiresome at times.   I’m not talking about the sleep problems (of which there are many), I mean all the effort! The racing to [...]

Life-Changing ADHD Travel Lists

Does traveling with ADHD means last minute panics and “I forgots”? Then pay attention. Keep reading, and you’ll learn the ADHD travel tip that has changed my life. My ADHD [...]

Still Waiting to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Often people with ADHD give up on their dreams. I know I did for years. With ADHD snarling the details of life, reaching your dreams can seem impossible. After all, how can you expect [...]

The Truth about ADHD

Do you wish someone would tell you the truth about ADHD? No more fake news, myths, or hearsay. Just plain old honest, real information on what works, what ADHD really is, and what it isn’t! If [...]

How You Can Truly Thrive with ADHD

We have some exciting tidbits of news to share so you can thrive with ADHD! Succeed with ADHD Telesummit First of all, I’d like to invite you to join me at the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit, [...]

Have You Been Hearing Crickets?

Have you reached out to me in the past few weeks through my website and heard only crickets in response? Then read on… On Tuesday we discovered that my website,, was [...]

Tried & True ADHD Travel Tip

Packing for my Spring Break travels has inspired me to share an amazing ADHD travel tip that has literally changed my life whenever travel time nears. Sometimes, just the thought of traveling is [...]

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