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ADHD Travel TipPacking for my Spring Break travels has inspired me to share an amazing ADHD travel tip that has literally changed my life whenever travel time nears.

Sometimes, just the thought of traveling is enough to send an ADHD adult into a state of overwhelm. However, there really is a tried and true ADHD travel tip to keep from overwhelming your senses as you pack your suitcase and get ready to leave town.

Traveling requires planning, and lots of it! Unfortunately, the faulty executive functioning of the Adult ADHD brain doesn’t take naturally to planning.

In ADDLand, we plan where we’re going, when we’re going, and then we stop and say “Not Now,” (those famous ADHD words!) simply because it’s too overwhelming to plan more.

Too often, we only think about packing and our destination when we start planning, but forget about the vital details needing attention before a trip.

Today, we’re going to knock-out that unprepared moment. We’re going to use an easy ADHD travel trick to make your trip easier than ever and keep you from getting overwhelmed. Are you ready? It’s so easy!

ADHD Travel Tip First Step

Remember that binder of packing lists I suggested you set up in my blog post, Favorite Packing Tips for ADHD Adults?

Today, let’s add to that binder. One of the greatest ADHD travel tips I know is this: create a list of the things you need to do before leaving for that vacation or business trip.

Make sure this list covers the things that are beyond packing (like booking a kennel, forwarding calls, or even as simple as taking out the trash before you leave).

Spending a simple 15 minutes at your computer, just once, will reduce your traveling stress for years to come.

Four Part ADHD Travel Tip List

1. What to do when you first learn of the trip.

Make a list of all the things you might possibly need to do when you first learn about a trip: booking your airline, rental car, hotel arrangements, house care / pet care / kennel arrangements. Naturally, you won’t need to do all of these for every type of trip (but it’s good to have all possibilities written down).

2. What to do in the week or two before the trip.

Here is where you list all the things you need to do just a couple of weeks before going away. This part of the list should include things like ordering ADHD medications, canceling the paper and holding the mail, arranging animal and plant care, forwarding the phones, etc.

3. What to do at the last minute.

List those last minute details you don’t want to forget: turn down the water heater, set light timers, water the plants, dump anything that would rot out of the fridge, empty the trash, unplug the computers, pay the bills and get cash, whatever you feel necessary.

4. What you need while traveling.

Finally, think through what you need while on the road (or plane). This includes that last minute trip to the grocery for snacks, water, audio books, or reminders for the dog leashes, car charger, etc…

Now take all four categories and put them into one list.

Print it out, put it into a plastic page protector and pop it into your travel binder.

Now, the next time you travel, along with your packing list, you’ll have a step-by-step guide of all that needs to be done before you leave. Your scattered  brain won’t have to remember a thing! It’ll just have to follow the steps on a list.

For more free ADHD travel tips, don’t forget to check out my entire series on Traveling with ADHD! You can find them here:



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