15 Simple Tips for Living More Easily With Adult ADHD

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Do you approach living more easily with Adult ADHD as a huge project?

Frankly, it often is. With ADHD coaching we typically work over many months to amass the small changes to transform an ADHD life.

But big results come from little changes. Small steps linked together eventually form a path of ADHD success.

What little change might you make to start living more easily with Adult ADHD?

Pick one small change. That’s all I’m asking of you. One small change to reduce the stress and clutter of your ADHD life.

You’ll find ideas in the list below. Just pick one change to focus on.

Be sure to set a reminder or alarm on your phone or post a sticky on your bathroom mirror.

Living more easily with Adult ADHD means you need useful reminders to stay on track. Otherwise, even your best intentions will fade.

This list comes from successes I’ve seen from my ADHD coaching clients over the past year. I am blessed to work with an incredibly talented, authentic and creative group of ADHD adults.

15 Simple Tips for Living More Easily With Adult ADHD

  1. Instead of saying, “I can’t” say, “I can’t yet”. For example, “I can’t be on time” becomes, “I can’t be on time yet”. Start getting used to the idea that you will improve and even though you have Attention Deficit things will get easier to do.
  2. Tap into your personal power with 2 minute power poses. Watch this YouTube video from a Ted Talk to learn more. This is one of my favorite new tips from the year.
  3. Consciously slow down. Moving more slowly through life enhances mindfulness and helps you simplify.
  4. Approach eliminating clutter one thing at a time. Get rid of unwanted things as you notice them instead of letting stuff build until it’s a large clutter clearing project.
  5. Avoid delay. If you can do something in less than two minutes do it right away.
  6. Shorten your to do list. Instead of thinking you need to do everything, pick the one most important thing to do each day.
  7. Put your bills on autopay. You’d be surprised how many ADHD adults get their power turned off because they’ve forgotten to pay the bill.
  8. Say YES! to life. Try something new. Stand for what you believe in, dance and play and run that marathon even if it takes you all day.
  9. Pick one new house chore to focus on daily – make the bed, wash each dish after you use it or put the dirty clothes in the hamper.
  10. Pick three simple breakfasts you can make in a flash and rotate through them. Make sure they have protein to kick start your brain.
  11. Listen to inspiring audio books while you drive such as ‘how tos’ or biographies of successful people.
  12. Each time you write an appointment on your calendar think about any tasks you need to do to prepare for the appointment and write those down on your to do list.
  13. Open the mail over the recycling bin and immediately toss the obvious junk.
  14. Think of three positive things about yourself each day. Even on days when you seem to only screw things up. Especially on days when you seem to only screw things up!
  15. Hug your kids everyday and tell them they’re wonderful, creative and important – especially when they’re being their most annoying.

The Last Word in ADHD Success

This wasn’t the ADD Success article I intended to write this month. I had a different issue about being punctual all set to send to you last Friday.

Then the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary happened and suddenly zippy ideas for getting places on time didn’t seem as important.

The Mr. Roger’s quote about watching the heroes when horrible things happen has popped up repeatedly since the shooting.

Thinking about heroes leads me directly to my ADHD coaching clients, because in my book they’re all heroes. People who’s scattered, ADHD brains make living day to day challenging yet they keep working at it one step at a time.

So, my darling clients past and present, this one’s for you. You rock my world, and I adore you.


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